Virgin Rum


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Perfectly aged in oak barrels and made from fine molasses. Rum was once pursued by pirates and today it celebrates conquests. With Mig Vapor Virgin Rum E-Juice, you will follow the map to where X marks the spot and celebrate a vaping hidden treasure.

The treasure of the new world, rum is a Caribbean gift to the world. The best rum is aged in real oak barrels and made from dense molasses. Pirates chased rum across the high seas. Traders traded it and it became a big part of building the economy that built a new world. Today, rum is used in the celebration of success. The unique, and sometimes spicy sweet, flavor is unmistakable. If you love rum, you will love Mig Vapor Virgin Rum E-Juice.


This flavorful vape juice is a true vaping treasure. Like insatiable perfectionist scoundrels, Mig Vapor has looted the best rum flavors of the new world and infused that flavor into a spectacular vaping experience that our mateys will love. We plundered the oaky richness and pillaged the molasses sweetness. We brought it ashore and bottled it and now it is ready for you. Order yours now and we will send it to your door, arrg!


The brilliant rapscallions at our USA e-juice lab will make your Virgin Rum vape juice specifically for you. You tell them what VG / PG ratio you be wanting and they will make it exactly as you demand. Tell them the nicotine level you want and the will make sure it is exactly correct. We make it fresh and send it fresh. Order your Virgin Rum E-Liquid now and when your shipment arrives from Mig Vapor know this. Avast! Thar be treasure in that package!

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    Very good rum taste with a slightly sweet flavor. Very smooth and perfect for relaxing at home or having a quick fix on the go or at work. Highly recommended!

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