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Pack of 3 filling syringes with blunt tip

Trap Rx is vape pen pod system for concentrate oil. This can be used for DIY oil or for dispensaries. Add our luer lock filling injectors.
This is a great reusable oil pen system.


The all new Trap Rx is sold to individuals and dispensaries for legal herb oil use. This small device will work like a champ, you will be impressed. * DISCLAIMER* Not intended for any illegal substance. Recommended for herbal oil extract.
Now you can refill your pod and save a fortune. Mig Vapor Now sells TRAP Rx POD KIT, you may fill this pod with the finest thick oils of the world. Versatile, solid quality and durable as well as multi talented with thick oils and thin. Purchase coil pods separately.

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    It works, not the best, but a decent option

    The device itself is nice, easy to keep tucked away. Build quality feels great. Filling the pods has a bit to be desired though and the fitment of the caps vary.
    I just filled mine for the first time today with just a little bit of oil to see how it would go. It was a mixed experience. The pods fit into the device fine, but the caps seem to be varying in size, some work against the device by almost unseating the pod. I suspect this is why mine seems to take a while to heat up with the first pod.

    I feel like I lost too much oil between trying to fill these pods and test out the device. I'm a DIY ejuice maker (not oil). I know my way around the "lab" and I also vape and build my own setups and wire. If you pull too hard oil will come through the mouth piece, but if you draw too slowly it will not trigger the firing mechanism. I suspect finding that balance on draw strength and making sure the pods are seated fully are tantamount to a "easy" experience.

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    Cheap but okay

    I bought one of these and it stopped working within 3 days. Don't charge the vape with the cartridge still in, this will cause it to overheat and the pod to leak into the battery killing the device. They were super helpful and refunded my money and so I bought another. This one I've been charging properly but I've owned it for a week now and the battery has gone from lasting 8 hours to lasting about 2. I hit it hard and often so that might not help, but the quality on these is iffy even though I like it.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    nice and light pen

    Bought for my daughters and they are happy with them. Their a lite pull and easy to care for

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Amazing Product

    I got it a few weeks ago and it works perfect as expected. Would recommend to buy.


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  • 0 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Great value

    A nice vape pen for thick medical grade oil. I like it a lot.

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Most pod system ecigs come with disposable/replaceable pods that contain the liquid, wick, and coil all in one pod. This makes it easy on the user as they don’t have to worry about replacing the coil and wick after too much wear and tear. Both are simply replaced with the pod once the liquid runs out. Trap Pods are a little bit different in that they are refillable, which saves users money on replaceable cartridges. Each pod can be refilled up to five times before needing to be replaced. We do recommend using the same flavor, or a complimentary flavor, when refilling the pods for the purest experience. Ghost flavors can create some funky combinations! Pod systems are ideal for users who like to switch flavors more often than the time it takes to use up a tank of e-juice or a bottle of whatever they have on hand. Pods make it easy to replace flavors quickly and offer users more variety in their flavor choices. Instead of sticking to the basic flavors a certain system provides in their versions of the pods, users of Trap Pods are able to customize their flavors by filling their own pods. Because the pods are refillable, the Trap Pod system is much more affordable than other brands. For the price and the customizability Trap Pod offers, the device is simply unmatched by its competitors. Plus, it comes with its own USB cord for recharging. No more carrying around extra batteries! Mig Vapor also carries a whole line of vape juice bar flavors that users can experiment with. Flavors include fruity, desserts, tobacco flavors, and even menthol flavors. Users can even choose to mix flavors with a specific ratio to meet their unique tastes. Our wide range of flavor options means the combinations are endless. For vape pods, we recommend 50/50 VP to PG blends of salt nicotine, but they are suited for thick and thin oils for users who prefer one over the other. Users can also choose the level of nicotine content in their custom blends to make it just perfect. For regular smokers who are experimenting with e-cigs for the first time, 3 mg/mL to 6 mg/mL of nicotine is going to be a lighter choice, 18 mg/mL is like smoking a regular cigarette, and 24 mg/mL is going to feel like a stronger cigarette. Click here to learn more about mixing your own vape juice on the vape juice bar page.