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Choose to add a flavor salt nicotine e juice for the TRAP POD

For e liquid or oils this refillable Pod system is unmatched in quality and performance.
TRAP POD is refillable-reusable and can be used with thick or thin oils, or e juice.
What more do you need? OIL PODS sold separately.

30ML 5% NIC JUICE 1 DOLLAR with Purchase
Now you can refill your pod and save a fortune. Mig Vapor Now sells TRAP POD ejuice in Tobacco and Menthol Tobacco and many other flavors, as well as you may also fill with the finest thick oils of the world. Versatile, solid quality and durable as well as multi talented with thick oils and e juice. Purchase coil pods separately for thick oils.Fill your own Pod. A Bottle of Mig Pod Juice Included
The TRAP POD is an innovative way to beat the Pod systems that force you to overpay for e juice. We offer Pods with no juice or oil, this way you may choose your use. We now offer POD e juice in Tobacco and Menthol and other flavors from the vape bar that are specially formulated to make the switch easy as anything. At the same time this device allows you to use Thick or thin oils for filling. Just change PODS. the TRAP POD will support your needs what ever they be. E juice to Vape Oils. The ease and ingenuity of Mig Vapor that you have come to expect.


A Great alternative to the Juul Starter kit for less money.

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    Great little vape

    Easy to use - just make sure to let the pod sit for a few minutes before you use it, or you’ll get very little vapor. The battery life is a lot longer than I expected and it recharges super fast. The draw is very similar to an analog. I’ve been using this for over a week, have had no leaks and still using the original pod. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and will most likely order another soon.

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    Just... wow

    From that first hit I was in love. A nice, tight, and extremely silent and smooth draw (no more of that annoying gurgling or spit back).
    A 350mA battery that is more than capable to satisfy and last throughout my typical work day.
    And a small, sexy form factor (slightly larger than a JUUL) easily fits in the palm of my hand or my pocket. The large green logo on the vape however is slightly annoying and I do wish skins or different designs/colors were offered.
    Refilling can even be done without removing the pod (although I wish the holes were slightly larger).
    Overall this is by far my favorite vape pod system.

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    Leaky pen

    I will start off by saying I love this website and company, the staff is very attentative and helpfull, and I have never had a bad experience; except for this pen. When I bought my first pen, it lasted about a month and then the LED started lighting on its own, and when I would hit it the LED would not light and it would not hit. I tried everything (yes I replaced the cartridge). I decided it was a lost cause after I disassembled it and cleaned it and there was no improvement, so I baught a new one. This one works fine, and I have been extra careful to make sure juice does not get into the battery because I believe that was the downfall of my last vape, but I used the new pod that it came with and as soon as I hit it all of the juice drained out of the pod! I don't know If this is a faulty pod or if I'm doing something wrong, but I mostly came to the reviews for advice. I'm going to try the other pod it came with and hopefully all my juice stays in the pod.

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    Trap Pod System

    This is a good refillable pod system at a good price. Draw is very much what a smoker would be used to. You must use thicker juice or nic salts or the little pods will leak.

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    easy peasy

    fast delivery from miami to australia. I'm amazed! as for the pod vape itself, wow, just hit me like a ton of bricks, eased into a more smooth drawer, works great

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Most pod system ecigs come with disposable/replaceable pods that contain the liquid, wick, and coil all in one pod. This makes it easy on the user as they don’t have to worry about replacing the coil and wick after too much wear and tear. Both are simply replaced with the pod once the liquid runs out. Trap Pods are a little bit different in that they are refillable, which saves users money on replaceable cartridges. Each pod can be refilled up to five times before needing to be replaced. We do recommend using the same flavor, or a complimentary flavor, when refilling the pods for the purest experience. Ghost flavors can create some funky combinations! Pod systems are ideal for users who like to switch flavors more often than the time it takes to use up a tank of e-juice or a bottle of whatever they have on hand. Pods make it easy to replace flavors quickly and offer users more variety in their flavor choices. Instead of sticking to the basic flavors a certain system provides in their versions of the pods, users of Trap Pods are able to customize their flavors by filling their own pods. Because the pods are refillable, the Trap Pod system is much more affordable than other brands. For the price and the customizability Trap Pod offers, the device is simply unmatched by its competitors. Plus, it comes with its own USB cord for recharging. No more carrying around extra batteries! Mig Vapor also carries a whole line of vape juice bar flavors that users can experiment with. Flavors include fruity, desserts, tobacco flavors, and even menthol flavors. Users can even choose to mix flavors with a specific ratio to meet their unique tastes. Our wide range of flavor options means the combinations are endless. For vape pods, we recommend 50/50 VP to PG blends of salt nicotine, but they are suited for thick and thin oils for users who prefer one over the other. Users can also choose the level of nicotine content in their custom blends to make it just perfect. For regular smokers who are experimenting with e-cigs for the first time, 3 mg/mL to 6 mg/mL of nicotine is going to be a lighter choice, 18 mg/mL is like smoking a regular cigarette, and 24 mg/mL is going to feel like a stronger cigarette. Click here to learn more about mixing your own vape juice on the vape juice bar page.