SubHerb Target Mini Kit

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SUB-HERB Target mini mod is a perfect vaporizer kit for on the go and stealth, fitting in a pocket or purse.

Add a wall Plug

The Target comes with a USB cable only, here you may add a wall plug

So far so good!
Order arrived in a timely manner with all parts accounted for. Still trying to find that "sweet spot" but this thing works great! Love the design and simplicity!

SUB-HERB Dry Herb Vaporizer- Atomizer Kit


The UB-HERB -Target Mini Mod Vaporizer Kit

The SUB-HERB Dry Herb tank atomizer is unique in the world of vaping Flower. 

The SUB-HERB is able to be used with sub-ohm and NON Temperature controlled devices- or temp control is OFF. So we have married it to the best one. The sleek design and robusk flavor produced is amazing and the style and function of this battery make it the best dry herb kit period kit in the world.

This is a compact powerhouse of pure art and function have made the bar in which all others with try to attain.

The control is in your hands with the Target Mini Vape Mod and the SUB-HERB. 

The Z stick is also an amazing match for this Vape Pen Atomizer. The Z Stick 40 watt only allows watt control.


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The smallest great Mini mod to date, Vaporesso working with Mig Vapor made sure to maintain the  trigger shape of the unit when designing the Mig-Target Mini. Integrated with a top quality internal 1400mAh lithium ion cell, this unit can be charged with a micro USB ( Included) port.

 You will have shorter vape time as the battery is only 1400 mah, however the compactness and portability of this device bundle make it an absolute must have for the flower entheusists.

Even though this small little mod appears insignificant, this mini Mig-Target will push out a maximum 40 watts of power as well as various temperature control settings to fulfil  your specific vaping needs. 

Make sure not to excede the recomended wattage and be very sure not to use it on temperaturte control mode or the coil will be killed instantly.


New Heating Technology



Gold Plated Connector 

Black Sub-herb coil


Recommended Use Directions:

1. Watts range 17W-27W

2. Temperature range for TC devices is OFF-Do Not Use

3. Inhale time is recommended 12~ 15s



Features for SUB-HERB  | Flower- Concentrate Vaporizer Tank
  • Glass bubble mouthpiece tank Globe
  • For use with sub ohm batteries 
  • Ceramic coil for Dry Herb flowers
  • Warning - when top is off Exposed Coils
  • Baking watts 17 - 28w mod (MR Battery)
  • New ceramic heating technology
  • 3-8 Second heat up time
  • No Plastics
  • Stainless steel- coated in Black
  • Baking style or burn, depending on the power you allow

What's Included

    • Black Sub-herb tank Kit complete 
    • Dab Tool
    • New heat sensitive air-flow-base
    • Rubber tank protector
    • User Manual
    • Gold plated 510 connectors
    • Gift Box
    • 1400 Mah VW /TC mod
    • 1 USB Cable
    • DOA Day Warranty Factory defect

Optional Sub-Herb Accessories

                 Replacable coil and base


Sub-Herb Target Mini Vaporizer Atomizer / better-Convection Technology

        • Sub-Herb vaporizer tank is designed for dry herb flower concentrates
        • To be used with sub ohm devises
        • True Dual thermal Technology™
        • No Combustion/ yes combustion
        • Use in controlled environment and test with low watts
        • do not overheat*
        • will be hot to the touch, allow to cool
        • Use with temperature control mod devices lower temps
        • Do not use with auto adjusting mod devices
        • Do not use underwater or during interstellar space travel or while sky diving
        • Do not use while base jumping with a go-pro® on your head or chest or motorcycle
        • May use on a bicycle if you are not moving at all, and all the tires are flat.
        • Do not use during job interviews or government positions in third world countries
        • Do not use with any stupid , dumb, idiotic,action or while driving
        • Just sit somewhere with a nice view and chill, word.


DOA Warranty Only!

        •All of our products include a guarantee!


With the Brain Fogger is our newest wax concentrates Vaporizer Pen-Atomizer, you maintain total control of your freedom. 

* Note  Not for use with or 'As" any tobacco product*


Do not use battery in or near water or liquids, or extreme heat. Use with caution as it is a lithium battery your using with this device.
Keep away from high temperatures

Read all directions including this web page

 smoking kills


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Black Sub-Herb Manual

 "Sub-Herb Black"

Owners Manual - You can download it here to view or print.