Matrix Dry Herb and Concentrates Vaporizer


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Find the best temperature for your amazing vaping experience! Matrix works with herbs and concentrates, allows you to adjust temperature anywhere between 300-435 °F, features ceramic chamber and long-lasting battery to get your vaping to the next level! Buy one now and get free shipping!

About The
Dry Herb and Concentrates Vaporizer
The Matrix is unique!

Considered the best portable vaporizer on the market, the Matrix allows you to enjoy your dry herbs or concentrates with never before seen precision and richness of flavor.

With a fully customizable temperature scale down to 1-degree Fahrenheit increments between 300-435 °F.

The endless options give you the ability to get the maximum efficiency from your preferred material (herbs or concentrates), giving you the best possible vaping experience.

Easy to clean, easy to use, with more than 135 different settings and a digital OLED display leave nothing to question. It's your future favorite vaporizer.

Everything you'll need!
Matrix vaporizer starter kit includes everything you'll need for the best vaping experience!
Here's what you get:
  • Matrix Dry Herb and Concentrates Vaporizer
  • Wall Charger with USB Adapter
  • 4 Extra Meshes
  • 4 Silicone Mouthpieces
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Dabbing tool
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 Concentrates (Oil) Chamber
  • 1 Pack of Oil Wicks
  • 1 Pair of Tweezers
  • 1 Cool Storage/Carry Box
  • 90 Day Warranty.
Full control over your vaping temperature for best vaping experience
Matrix is extremely efficient and helps you save more material
Works equally well with dabs and dry herb
Ceramic chamber for the best flavor
Very easy to use
Easy to clean and maintain
Buy one for yourself and get free shipping!

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
  • 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

    Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer

    I found the vaporizer to live up to my expectations and the reviews that rated it as one of the top dry vaporizers. The ceramic heating unit seems to work great so far. My only suggestion is that they make it a little more clear what the extra mesh screens are for and how to use them. The unit itself is well thought out and designed. Obviously, I just recently started using it, so I can't comment on its durability, but hopefully it will operate just fine for a long time.

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Great product!

    I was using the torpedo herb vaporizer that I've had for about a year (and still works perfect) but was excited to try the newer model and upgrade! And what an upgrade it was! It heats up so fast and the LED display shows you exactly what temperature it's at while your waiting. I set mine at 405 because I grind my herb up finely and that seems to work best for me. The matrix gives an incredible hit and the much larger chamber is easy to clean and keeps you vaping for a long time before you have to reload. It is a small investment to make considering the amount of herb you will conserve when you use it! I have tried atmos and other brands of handheld dry herb vaporizers over the years and migcigs has the best working, most user friendly and cost effective dry herb vapes I have ever used! Don't waste your money trying other brands, this is the one! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND :)

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Great Portable Vaporizer

    The Matrix Dry Herb Vaporizer is my favorite portable now. It heats quickly and I really appreciate the large oven. No need for more than one load. I can usually get at least 8 hits and sometimes 10! It also does a decent job of cooling, although I have noticed that using one of the supplied mouth tips is advised for the best cooling effect. It would be nice to have one of the long tips if they ever become available.

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Matrix has me. And i don't wanna wake up

    Just get it.
    The customer service of Migcig is great. Ten minutes after placing my order I got a call from customer service to verify my address and if I had further questions about the product. They got a customer for life.
    The Matrix is very well built. The unit feels very sold. It fits perfectly in any pocket. The mouthpiece is very secure. Very ergonomic.
    The battery life is longest I've seen, it last all day of heavy vaping it took at least 5 full chambers of product before the battery got low. Charging takes about three hours. The matrix is good for all day concerts or just chillin on netflix. If you have a full charge in the morning you won't have to worry about charging till bedtime.
    The box is also badass it make a perfect travel case. The little magnetic latch is genius.

    Great product and customer service.

    I'm in love with my Migcig matrix

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    Good, except the mouthpiece

    The device vapes better than any handheld dry herb vape i've used before, yet i'm not a fan of the flimsy construction of the mouthpiece. For example just from taking the mouthpiece on and off over the first few weeks i had it, little pieces of plastic started breaking off and i had to buy a new one. I followed the directions clearly for removing the mouthpiece, but i just feels like the damn thing is gonna break every time I do. Other than that annoyance the vape is great, i just feel like i will inevitably go through several mouthpieces during my use of this vape. I feel like they should send you several replacement mouthpieces with the order as i'm sure this will happen to many people.

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Doing research for a gift for hubby. Does this require coils like e cigs vaporizers do, or not if so what type would work.
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Just bought a Matrix at a vap shop for 70 dollars how can it be that cheep
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Does this product actually vape the herb or does it just combust? I'm assuming that if it is a true vaporizer the smell wouldn't nearly be as bad.
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how do I replace the filter. I can't get the metal disk off. Do you turn clockwise or anti-clockwise to undo it. How much is the postage for Australia. My lid is cracked and I need to replace it.
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I'm totally new to vaping. Once you put the dry herb in, is it only for a single use or can you use it for multiple days? Using it for the treatment of migraines.
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