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The Mig Vapor's Clear Fusion MAX Vape Tanks, get the most from your vapor! Our Clear Fusion MAX Vape Tanks are the best disposable vape tanks around. With a name like Clear Fusion MAX, you can expect we threw everything you would want in this disposable vape tank. We know you want the best and the most power and with 1.8-ohm resistance, our tanks are just that - POWER!

The New and Ultimate
Mig 21 Clear Fusion MAX
The Best Disposable Tanks
Our tanks are top of the class, with 1.8-ohm resistance you will be shooting out cloud bigger and better clouds. We do recommend that you use a 0,6 MG Nicotine as not to burn you E-liquid. With all that power you can only expect the best from our Clear Fusion MAX Vape Tanks.
Mig 21 Clear Fusion MAX
Maximum Power:
For your convenience, we have thrown in a drip-gauge label in milliliters to make sure you can pack out tanks to the max with your favorite juices.Not only that, along with quick wick absorption you will be ready set and back to vaping in no time.
Our clean and clear design along with a removable mouthpiece push modern style and sophistication. Not only do you get style with our tanks, but you also get the functionality you would expect from MigVapor.
We know you can appreciate simplicity, ease of use and with our Clear Fusion MAX tanks, that is exactally what you get. With a screw on top for zero leaking and a simple screw-on mouthpiece, you will never need another disposable tank for your daily vaping needs.
With our most advanced 1.5-ohm atomizer you will crush the competition with a blend of power and precision. Along with the ability to refill our tank up to 8 times means you will be able to vape longer than ever on the only disposable tank you need.
The Mig 21 Clear Fusion MAX come with:
  • 3 Reusable Clear Cartomizer Fusion Tanks
  • Drip gauge labeled in milliliters
  • Screw on top for zero leaking

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    After using the tank for quite awhile and before I refill it, I get a mouth full of ejuice. I open it up to wipe the ejuice from the bottom of the tip and around the hole. I then screw the tip back on as tight as I can again. The result is I have to clean this from time to time. When it is not leaking it really is a very good tank. Maybe a little tiny rubber gasket would stop that.
    I hate the taste of the ejuice.

    RESPONSE: All of these tanks have O rings, it seems when you filled it you must have lost the original one.

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    So happy to find compatible tanks

    My first order and I am very satisfied!

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    I like it.

    I am a V2 orphan and found MigVapor about a month and a half ago. My first order was for a Mig 21 Ecig battery and the regular Clear Fusion tanks as I wanted to test the stated compatibility with the V2 batteries before investing much. The compatibility is almost 100% (one of my four V2 batteries wouldn't work with the Mig Clear Fusion tanks, but I think that was a problem with the battery, not the tanks). I committed myself to using the Mig so ordered some juice (the Red Zeppelin as it seemed closest to my V2 Red) and another battery and a 3 pack of the Clear Fusion Max.

    I was one of those on V2 using their ceramic blank/tank because of its better draw and flavor than their "wick" blanks, I have found the Clear Fusion Max to be almost indistinguishable from the V2 ceramic and I expect that it will be more consistent in manufacture due to its "wick" nature. The V2 ceramics had quality problems which I was involved in reviewing on their Forum.

    I have since made a third and fourth order of a Mig battery and 3 pack of the CF Max tanks as I used up my supply of V2 blanks. I alternated between the V2s in my supply and the Migs - using Mig batteries with my V2 ceramics and V2 batteries with my Mig tanks. I will review the Mig 21 batteries in the separate thread you have asked for, suffice to say they are fine.

    The blurb on the CF Max says it won't last as long as the regular CF, but I am an old heavy smoker of over 65 years (I started at age 19) and I like to "puff". With the regular CF I took several puffs to get that full "smoke rising" before inhaling, with the CF Max one puff gives me the visual and then I inhale. I think the Max will last me as long as the regular CF as I won't be wasting as much smoke. I have just discarded a Max that lasted me about two weeks (can't say how many "re-fills" as I'm a heavy user - but it is a lot more than the 15 mentioned in the ads).

    I am sold on the Clear Fusion Max for my purposes - and my purpose is to enjoy my nicotine addiction in my old age without further damage to my lungs from the combustion by-products of burning tobacco. I can't make any judgement on how the CF Max handles heavily flavored and high VG juices.

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    I was kinda bummed when v2 closed but after searching for replacement I found your site need I say more you have a new customer

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    Good Tank

    Like these tanks a lot. Only complaint is that wicks need to be longer

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