Tri Level Dry Herb Grinder

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Grinder
Magnetic top
Worst Grinder Ever!
Five Star Failure! This is the most ridiculous grinder I have ever purchased. And the most expensive! There is no separation between the screen and the grinder. Once your ground herb goes down the holes, you have to turn it upside down and dig it out with toothpick. How stupid is that. And the screen is so close to the holes that there is no chance for keif to work it's way through the screen. The only way a person could make use of this grinder is to yank the screen so at least your ground herb has a place to fall into. I have a tri level grinder and the Mig grinder seems to be missing the middle chamber and the screen has been installed up under the cap.

Mig Vapor Grinder


Mig Vapor’s Tri Level dry herb grinder is made of heavy-duty aluminum! Our customers tell us that this is the best herb grinder that they have ever used. Complete with a magnetic top and a free scraper, the Tri Level grinder allows you to perfect your ideal herbal blend for optimal vaping.