Sub-Herb Large Glass Drip tip

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Mig brings you the finest and most artistic designer Glass drip tips for Mig vapor Sub-herb vape mods.

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Sub-Herb vape pen
Wow!!!! This thing is my favarite out of all my Vapes. Quick easy use. I love it. Easy clean up and HUGE HITS!!!!

 Cool your Sub-Herb with the new large Glass Drip Tip


This drip tip is an exquisite example of workmanship and style, hand blown glass. Mig Vapor always wants to bring our customers something different and fun with herb vaporizer products.These are hand made Glass drip tips. Take it to the limits by customizing your Sub-Herb.

 The bottom is stainless steel, this and all mig products are made with passion.


 Designed for The Sub-Herb and Black Sub-herb but usable with any 510 device.

Glass Drip Tip
This Drip Tip also will Work with and 510 drip tip Tank.This tip was designed specifically for the Sub-Herb and the Black Sub-herb


 Products that are also usable to work with these " Drip Tips "

Morpheus, Neo, Minion, X-5 , Stinger, Standard mig E cig with cartridges, UFO v2




What's included:

  • 1 Drip tip


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