Phantom X UFO v2 Replacement eCig Coils

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These are replacement ecig coils for our Phantom X UFO v2 vapor cigarette kits. Also compatible with our Stinger e-cigarette kits.
Wish I knew!!
I wish I knew I could replace parts! I now do so regularly! Better Vap experince.
Great coils
I have been using these coils for a while now both in the XV and now the Stinger. Using 24mg nicotine liquid and flowing 4.8V into them, giant hits can be taken that will knock even the most hardened chain smoker to his knees. Excellent product.

Product Description:

Replacement atomizer heads

These are replacement atomizer heads for the UFO and Stinger 1600 Tango, and the Xv Tank line of products. Note that these won't work with the SR 72 Aspire BDC and fit all new Kanger products. Built by Kanger exclusively for Mig Vapor. Buy some today and enjoy a fuller vaping experience!!


What's included:

  • 1 dual coil replacement pack 1.5 Ohm Coils


  • Compatible with UFO , Kranger, Stinger 1600 Tango and Xv Tank products