eCig Lanyard Necklace

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An ecig lanyard necklace for the Mig Cig and Mig 21 e-cigarettes.
Love the lanyard!
The lanyard keeps my mig cig handy. Without it I am constantly wondering where I set it down last because I'm always on the go.
great vaping starter kit
does what it says, not that gas station junk

Product Description:

The Mig Vapor ecig lanyard offers an easy way to keep your Mig Cig or Mig 21 electronic cigarette handy all the time. The custom molded rubber attachment is designed specifically for use with your Mig Cig e-cig battery and has air-holes which allow the e-cig to function while attached to the lanyard. Mig Cig ecig lanyards are also a very handy item to own if you want to refill your cartridge, using the cartridge Taryn Spin trick. Search Youtube for informational videos on how to do the Taryn Spin.

The Mig Vapor ecig lanyard is available in three colors: Red, White or Black.