Mig Vapor DIY E-Juice Bottle

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Mig Vapor DIY E-Juice bottles have a 30 ml e-liquid capacity and comes with a needle tip and a safety cap. The best quality vape juice bottles for the best price. Perfect for the do it yourselfers who demand top quality.
Handle little bottle for Mig Cig Cartridges
Takes a little time to fill but the needle nose is great for small tanks
Nice Juice
I like that I can make my own mixes. Thanks.


Do you like to mix and match your vape juice blends? Do you need an e-juice bottle that is secured and easy to use? How about a DIY e-juice bottle that is easy to work with, has a very convenient and practical needle tip and a safety cap? Sounds good right? Mig vapor has got you covered. We have a 30 ml DIY e-liquid bottle that fits the bill perfectly.


If you like to mix and match e-liquids or blend your own, Mig Vapor DIY e-juice bottles are perfect. Many people are looking for DIY e-liquid bottles with needle tips because they are more convenient for filling tanks and for dripping. Our DIY e-juice bottles do have needle tips making them the first choice for vapers from coast to coast and around the world.


Many e-liquid bottles that you buy today have stubby tips and loose caps that are not secure and often leak. The last thing you want, of course, is a pocket full of e-juice! And when it comes to filling your vape tanks, many of today’s tanks have very small juice ports and a needle tip will make your world much easier. If you are a dripper, a needle tip lets you more accurately drip e-juice onto your wick. Mig Vapor’s DIY e-juice bottles give you the best of all worlds.

Vaping has become a revolution. Many vapers tend to be inventive and creative. If you are reading this it’s safe to say that you are someone who likes to do things your own way! Perhaps you like to blend your favorite e-liquids into your own combination. Of course, if you do like to make your own e-juice recipes you can always do so with our Vimanna Vape Bar. If you want to blend juices on the fly, the Mig Vapor DIY e-liquid bottles let you do just that.

Best Place To Buy DIY E-Juice Bottles

You can find e-juice bottles in many places. There are always cheap deals on eBay but you never know what you are getting. Many of these bottles are so cheaply made with low quality plastics and are just not reliable. At Mig Vapor, quality and customer satisfaction means everything. If you compare us to other vape brands you will see that we serve every genre of vaper and we have products that run the gamut. The common denominator is quality.


From the day that we first opened the doors at Mig Vapor, we moved forward with a fierce determination to develop the best products and deliver the best customer service in the industry. Most e-cig brands opened to capitalize on a trend and had no real plan to serve a very diverse community, namely the vaping community. That’s why when we decided to offer a DIY e-juice bottle, only the best will do.


Another options is our Mig Vapor Unicorn e-liquid bottles. No matter what you are looking for in the realm of vaping, you know that when you make a purchase from Mig Vapor, you are getting the best quality from a company that cares about making you a happy customer. Our Mig Vapor DIY e-juice bottles are designed to be convenient, easy to use and secure.