Vape Accessories

Vape Accessories

A complete line of vape accessories for your ecigs and vaporizers. E-cigarette battery chargers, drip tips, replacement coils, unicorn e-liquid bottles, e-cig cases you name it, we've got a variety e-cigarette accessories for you to choose from for your Mig Vapor e-cig.

Our vape accessories are designed with the highest standards.


From the best 18650 ecig battery charger on the market to a vast range of drip tips, replacement ecig coils, to ecig carrying cases. Mig Vapor’s lineup of ecig accessories covers the gamut. Our vape accessories are simply unparalleled in quality and value.


Need an ecig battery charger? We’ve got it! Our 18650 ecig battery charger has been called the best in the business by many reviewers. It is a beautiful dual charger that will quickly and efficiently charge up your favorite 18650 e-cig batteries. Mig Vapor also offers an extensive range of ecig battery chargers for eGo style batteries, cigarette style batteries and 510 threaded variable voltage/wattage batteries. You will find chargers for home, work and in the car.


Need a new ecig battery? We've got that too! Mig vapor has virtually every type of ecig battery including 18650’s and our industry leading cigalike batteries. We are not going to make any bones about it, our vape batteries are the best, period. We worked with the best ecig manufacturers on the planet to push the boundaries of existing ecig battery technology. Mig Vapor ecig batteries are more consistent and reliable than anything that the competition has to offer.


All of our ecig accessories are perfected to enhance your overall vaping experience.


Our replacement e-cigarette coils are the very best and built with the best materials. The Mig Vapor replacement coils sold on our site are the real deal. This is so important. Too many vapers are being ripped off by fake or clone atomizer coils that are being sold en masse right now. Today the market is totally flooded with fake and clone atomizer coils that are pretty much junk.


Cheap kanthal ecig coils can actually be dangerous because the metal can actually be vaporized causing you to inhale metallic particles. Mig Vapor’s e-cigarette coils are constructed of only the best and most durable components. Do not compromise or take the risk of being ripped off and put in danger by buying cloned Aspire, Kanger or other fake coils. Stick with authentic, high quality Mig Vapor replacement ecig coils and know you are getting the very best quality.


Lose a drip tip? Maybe you are looking for a cool, funky drip tip! No problem. Mig Vapor e-cigarette drip tips have you covered. We have rotating drip tips, long drip tips, stainless steel, aluminum, whatever you can imagine we have got it. Don’t overpay for an inferior, generic drip tip from a vape shop, get the best quality and value by buying your next drip tip direct from Mig Vapor, the best American ecig company.


Vape accessories for our industry leading electronic cigarettes and vape mods.

Find the perfect vape accessories for your Neo or Morpheus vape mods or get a carry case or new glass tube for the SR 72 vape tank. We have accessories and replacement parts for all of our electronic cigarettes. Extend the life of your favorite Mig Vapor ecigs by replacing parts, you don’t necessarily have to buy a whole new ecig starter kit. Take a look at our accessories and find the perfect vape part that you need.


We also offer a full line of dry herb vaping accessories. Mig Vapor vaporizers have quickly become regarded as the best in the industry. For example, our Yabba Dabber is by far the best vape pen for dabs and the new Matrix gives dry herb vapers a level of control that no other vaporizer brand can come close to. Mig Vapor pioneered the category of dry herb vape tanks. Mig Vapor is leading the way in both electronic cigarette and vaporizer innovation.

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