Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube for UFO Tank


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If you've damaged your UFO tank or if you just want to add a little color to your tank, now you can! We offer replacement pyrex glass tanks for your Phantom X UFO.


These can be used with ALL UFO and with Kanger Aero v2 tanks.

Why You Might Need Replacement Pyrex Glass Tubes

Mig Vapor offers replacement pyrex glass tubes made from sturdy Pyrex glass for your UFO tanks and your Kanger Aero v2 standard and glass versions. You may ask yourself: Why are replacement glass tubes necessary? 

While Mig Vapor designs and creates products with utmost precision, ultimately glass is only so durable. Major events such as dropping your vape from great heights or perhaps placing something heavy on top of your vape by accident could cause the glass to crack. Fortunately, the replacement Pyrex glass tubes from Mig are accessible and cheap. Each package contains one reusable Pyrex glass tube that is compatible with any UFO tank and Kanger Aero v2. Keep up your vaping game with no interruptions with the extra Pyrex tubes.

We also offer vape bands - rubbery like bands that you place around your glass tank so when it falls or is dropped it has less odds of shattering, they're definitely worth the investment.

What's included:

  • 1 reusable Pyrex Glass Tube


  • Compatible with UFO Tank and Kanger Aero v2

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