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The delightfully light tobacco flavor of your favorite light cigarettes. Mig Vapor Sahara E-Juice is the best light tobacco e-liquid. A blend of dry tobacco and rich Virginia tobacco flavor. Just so smooth! A light cigarette flavor.

Do you smoke light cigarettes? If so, Mig Vapor Sahara E-Juice is the e-liquid that you have been looking for. It is a fantastically wispy and light tobacco flavor that makes for a very smooth vapor. Sahara is a dance between bold tobacco led by a light dry tobacco for a delicate balance. The vapor production is off the charts!


Mig Vapor Sahara is made with the best ingredients and the vaping sensation fully satisfies. You choose the nicotine level that suits you specifically. If you smoke more than a pack per day, try the 2.4% nicotine level. For pack per day smokers, the 1.8% or 1.2% level might be right for you. More casual smokers can choose lower nicotine levels. Mig vapor Sahara is made for standard vape mods and not sub-ohm mods. If you want a light tobacco vape juice flavor for sub-ohm, check out our Vimanna Island tobacco blend.

Best Light Tobacco E-Liquid

How did we come up with the best light tobacco e-liquid? We looked at the key to what makes a nice light tobacco flavor. A rich tobacco can be balanced by a dry tobacco and in just the right ratio, the flavor is a silky smooth experience. That’s where we began with Mig Vapor Sahara E-Juice.


We balanced out two different tobacco flavor. For a rich tobacco, we went with American grown tobacco flavors. The best tobacco e-liquid is Mig Vapor Red Zeppelin and that type of rich tobacco flavor was part of the equation. To lighten it up and smooth it out we added some dry tobacco flavor such as tobacco grown in dry Mediterranean climates.


The end result is the best light tobacco e-liquid flavor. The mix is a delicate balance of smooth tobacco with mild, almost sweet, caramel aftertones as you exhale. It’s a beautiful aroma and even better vape.

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    It's nice flavor but not impressive

    Comparing to Marlboro Gold or Silver this liquid tastes very weak to me and a bit too sweet. Also it's not advertised but to me it has a distinctive hazelnut taste, like you take a puff of ultra light cigarette (more like Winston White) after drinking hazelnut flavored coffee, and I don't care for hazelnuts myself. It's a nice very mild flavor and I see why many people may like it, but because of weakness and distinctive hazelnut flavoring I don't feel like reordering it.

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    Excellent flavor. Much like a light cigarette but with a milder after taste. This one is my favorite.

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    Extraordinary pleasant vape! My preferred choice. Superior customer service is always assured. Mig Cigs is and has been my go to provider for all vaping e liquids. E. Allen

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    Vape On!

    I smoked one brand of cigarettes for years. When I first tried the Sahara, I thought it might have a similar taste. It didn't. But that's not a bad thing, because I like it better than my cigarette brand of 25 years. I've tried many different e liquids, but Sahara E Liquid is by far my favorite. I could try and describe the flavor, but everyone's taste buds are different. The great thing about Migcigs is that they have plenty of flavors to choose from, and more than a few would make my top ten. Vape and enjoy!

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    Clear Fusion Tanks + E-Liquid

    Fill them up and you're good to go!
    The throat hit and vapour clouds are very impressive.

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