Reactor Quartz Banger with Carb Cap


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Best Quality Quartz Banger
The Reactor Banger with Carb Cap included.



25mm out diameter 2mm thickness Quartz Banger by Mig available in all sizes: 14mm male 14mm female 18mm male 18mm female *Glass Cap Included* Free


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    Superb dabbing experience

    It's pretty nice. The way I like to do it is stick the dab to the spout. Heat the nail and cap it a little hotter than you normally would. To heat it you're going to want a good sized torch. Then watch and wait for it to drip and you have instant carb action. It takes a couple of burnt hits to get right. It works best for smaller dabs because of how quickly it will vaporize with the carb. It makes small little dabs the size you give somebody who doesn't smoke. Suddenly it explodes and the whole full lung draw is milky goodness, and there is usually more to offer. Regardless there is nothing stopping you from taking whatever sized dab you want however you see fit. It, like all quartz pieces, cools down pretty fast. For that reason I don't find it especially productive to rub the spout on the sides. Just let it drip and save what's left behind for later. There is a nice big chunk of glass at the bottom that retains heat well, however, the walls are pretty thin which can cool the whole thing down. Especially if there is a fan blowing at it. The bucket is also kind of large. Not necessarily a problem, I have noticed less reclaim as a result of that. Which means there is good vaporization, probably also from having the carb cap regulating the airflow and pressure so well. Anyways I would purchess again it was on sale for like $11 but it's definitely worth $16.

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