Luerlock Syringe 15 Gauge Blunt Tip


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Medical Grade Luerlock Syringe(1ML) 15 gauge blunt tipped (pack of 3)

Luer Lock Syringe 15 Gauge (1ML) Blunt Tipped
Precise 1 MG Medical grade filling syringe with stopper. 15 gauge and blunt tip. Box Includes 3 Tips and 3 syringes, intended use for crafts etc. This is not a medical syringe tip. The top is cut off blunt.
This medical grade syringe for thick oils can fill carts with small openings. Pack contains 3

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    Nice syringes, with some minor issues

    These syringes are handy, unfortunately the suction tip does not fit in the dispensary bottles I get. When using the needle and syringe there is a considerable amount of waste juice in the syringe and needle. The plunger is not able to fully push all juice out of the syringe because of the rounded shape near the luerlock part. That is why commercial medical syringes are more flat than rounded, to ensure all fluid gets out. You can get some of the excess juice by removing the plunger and blowing through the non-needle portion of the syringe.

    With the cost of oil in some places, the "value" of these go down the more you have to pay for oil.

    The needles are perfect for their Trap RX Pods, fit adequately and make life easier all around. Certainly recommended, but most dispensaries give syringes already with bulk oils, so I'd see what they offer first before committing to these.

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