Nebula Glass Blunt

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The all new NEBULA is a member of the Blunt Ugly Glass Blunt Family, and  is a new creation from the Mig Skunk Works division. Made with the finest materials, complete with extra glass tube, caps and cleaning brush This Pipe has the craziest pretty rainbow finish on the screw and the mouthpiece. The Nebula also includes a rubber cover for use with any bong.

Made with 100% Pure Love


 Blunt-ugly Nebula vapor incinerator


With our new large NEBULA Glass Blunt you can use it with your favorite bong or out in the town. We have included an extra tube to have full as a back up if and when this shiney rainbow colored Blunt, is ever finished.

About the Blunt Ugly Nebula Glass Blunt

At Mig Vapor sometimes we will take a device,  twist it and change it to make it perform way better. Man thats what we did with this guy.We added a awsome rainbow backed on finish to the wild looking glass blunt.  Many devices like our Blunt Ugly are in the market. Why should you choose Mig Vapor? We have seen first hand how many different devices in the market may be comprised of low quality. We stand behind what we sell. The Mig Vapor Blunt Ugly Nebula Glass Blunt is made of the best materials. This new flat tip screw is fired with extreme heat and rendered pure through a complex superheating and firing of this piece.The tip of the screw has been made flat on the screw to make it more safer.

NEW! The newly designed mouthpiece feels better in your mouth as well as can be placed inside any bong for a multi use pipe.

 The glass is a special German pyrex type glass designed to endure extreme heat and use from you.

 Rest assured you're buying the best with Mig Vapor.



What’s in the Blunt Ugly Nebula Glass Blunt Pipe Kit? 

One complete Nebula Mega Blunt including stopper cap.

One extra tube with extra stopper caps.

Mouthpiece bong glove.

One cleaning Brush.

 One Gift Box.






  • Total Combustion
  • Discrete design
  • Large  Chamber
  • Solid Brass
  • German Pyrex Composite Glass



* This product is not for use with any tobacco product , dry herbs and flowers only*



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