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New 2016 best e cig award

New directions video for Morpheus

Our First Award 2015

Our Second Award 2015

We have started a series of informational e-cigarette videos to help both new and experienced vapers learn more about what e-cigarettes have to offer. Whether its showing you how to get the best performance from your electronic cigarette or just giving you inspiration to make the switch, Mig Cigs TV has something valuable for you. If you like what you see, please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified of new videos.


Mig Cigs Review

Our Latest Review is from the infamous "Indoor Smokers" on YouTube. What does a world leader of vaping and vape devices think of Mig Cigs "Clear Fusion Tanks and Mig 21 Kit? Watch and see!

Mig Cigs Review

"Indoor Smokers" on YouTube. Who does a world leader of vaping and vape devices think is the best ecig of 2014 ? He compared V2 cigs and Halo and Mig Cigs ,Watch and see who he thinks is best!

Mig Cigs Review

Our latest review is from VaporChase. What does he think? Watch and see! Vapor chase is in Canada,watch to see what he thinks about all of our products,including the Clear Fusion Tank! Thank you VaporChase; also,Vapor Chase did his homework. Thank you for all your questions and willingness to educate yourself on our products.

Mig Cigs Review

Our latest review is from Devs Revs. How does he like this powerful 4.2 volt battery and our refillable cartridges? Watch and see! Thank you Devs Revs; we also believe we have a superior product.

Mig Cigs Review

This review is from vapXtream. Does he think Mig can hold up to the competition? Or can he recommend Mig Cigs? See for yourself what he has to say about his first Mig Cig experience. Thank you vapXtreeam!

Mig Cigs Review

This review is from Vape Girl. Does she recommend Mig Cigs? See for yourself what she has to say about her first Mig Cig experience. Thank you Vape Girl!

Mig Cigs Review

AnotherTestimonial from Liz, aka Sugar Vapor. Liz is review our new Clearomizers from Kanger. Thank you Liz!

Mig Cigs Review

Testimonial from Liz who is a committed, serious vaper. She'll tell you what to look for in a premium vapor cigarette. See how Liz ranks Mig Cigs compared to other brands. Thank you Liz!

Vaping Gone Wild!

Let us introduce you to Mig Cigs E Cigarettes. We are a premium quality Electronic Cigarette with the longest lasting e-cigarette battery on the market. With our powerful battery the flavor never fades as you work your way through the cartridge. Mig Cigs gives you a full vaping experience from start to finish. Stop Smoking. Start Vaping!

The Black Label Starter Kit

Our Black Label E-Cig Kit is our premium e-cigarette in a sleek black pen style finish. The Black Label starter kit has the same powerful batteries and high-quality accessories as our other kits, with a look that is stylish, sexy and powerful. Comes in an elegant box that's perfect for giving as a gift.

Longest Lasting E-Cigarette Battery

Mig Cigs has the best e-cig battery on the market. Our video explains the special technology we use to ensure you have full flavor from beginning to end as you work your way through the cartridge. See why we last longer!

How to Refill Your E-Cig Cartridge

Your Mig Cigs cartridges are refillable. Do not throw your cartridges away after their first use! With a simple tool and some refill liquid, you can reuse your e-cig cartridges and try out new flavors. Watch this video and learn how to reuse your cartridges without damaging your e-cig battery.

Make the Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

Thinking about making the switch from standard cigarettes? Here's one person's story about making the switch to water vapor cigarettes after smoking nearly two packs a day for several years. Health concerns may bring about a switch, but you'll soon learn that vaping has it's own enjoyments.


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