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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Mig's Best Bongs For Sale 

Water pipes are one of the oldest smoking methods known to man. They were around even before rolled cigarettes! Although they have been around for a while, the design is constantly being improved upon. From differently shaped bases to added percolators, there are options to fit JUST ABOUT any preference. We thought we could improve on a few features, so we’ve taken some of our favorite designs and put our own twist on them.


The commonality between all water pipes is, well, the use of water. Water acts as a coolant and a filtration device as it binds to the water-soluble chemicals in the smoke to filter it out before inhalation. Don’t worry, the stuff you’re most concerned with won’t be filtered out because it’s not water-soluble. Besides the water, water pipe designs are quite different from one another. Users can choose from straight-base, beaker-base, and donut-base, straight mouthpiece or bent mouthpiece, percolator or no percolator, ice pinch or no ice pinch, and many other features that make one pipe unique from the next. Each user has their own preference, but all achieve the same end result—bliss.


As always, our products are high-quality, budget-friendly, and one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else. The removable mouthpieces allow users to pair with other compatible products from our shop, like the Blunt Ugly glass blunt collection. Glass blunts contain the ash within the system and give users more options for how they smoke their product. Cleaner pipes and the option for water-filtered vapes are why many are coupling these two pieces together. Discover more about these versatile pieces on the Hand Pipes page.


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