Mig Cig Standard PLUS e-Cigarette Kit


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Everything you need to get started and more! Includes a lanyard, extra ecig cartridges, additional batteries and more.

About the Mig Cig Standard PLUS e-Cigarette Starter Kit

The Standard PLUS Starter Kit comes fully loaded with a huge assortment of ecig accessories, ten different flavored electronic cigarette refill cartridges to choose from and two of our 4.2 constant voltage ecig batteries and one of our extra long­ lasting super power batteries for a total of three batteries. The extra battery power that you get with this e­-cigarette starter kit is a must for long days at work, traveling or enjoying an outing. The Mig Cig batteries hold true to the 4.2 volt high power output giving you extended battery life combined with remarkable vaping experience with tons of vapor and flavor all day long.  With this kit you're also getting an e-cigarette carrying case . This is an excellant all in one e-cigarette kit for any beginner.

This kit comes with FREE Shipping.

What's included with the Mig Cig Standard PLUS e-Cigarette kit:

● 2 MigVapor standard size eCig batteries

● 1 Super Power Battery

● 2 x 5 packs of Mig Vapor eCig Cartridges (your choice of flavor)

● 1 USB ecig charger

● 1 A/C wall adapter

● User manual

● Warranty

● eCig Carrying case (white, black or pink)

● FREE shipping

Mig Cig Standard PLUS e Kit Specs:

● 4.2 Volt High Power Batteries 

● Rechargeable Batteries

● 10 Mig Vapor Cartridges

● If You Choose to use our Blank eCig Cartridges, You Can Manually Fill Them With Mig Vapor E-Liquid 

* Use only with Mig Vapor ecig chargers and keep away from heat and water.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Good product

    I was a previous GreenSmoke users - did not want to go to the thunderstorm smoke of vaping. Mig Cig is a good product.

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    great product

    I had V2 and they went out of business and I heard Mig Cig was totally compatible. It was and it is much better then V2 was. I only wish the batteries I got came shorter. But that is cause of what I'm used too. They arrived very fast and I feel they had good rates too.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Hated it

    I bought this, well I have bought other kits from other places in the past there are good things and bad things about all kit out there I will tell you what I liked about the good first the case is big and I liked the flavor of cartridge I got Miami. The bad the zipper on the case the first time I tried to close it was broken, I did not not like that it had a closed pocket on one side and an open one on the other I kept thinking every thing was going to fall out on the one side. I did get 3 batteries with the kit I bought, but I do not like how hard I have to suck to get the battery to work compared to other batteries I have tried in the past. I use to be a green smoke customer and was very sad when they closed and had to find a new vape company. I do know for a fact I will be coming back to Mig Vapor for my cartridges, but will have to go else where for my battery needs. I hope I can send back part of the kit or get some kind of a refund.

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Good, not great.

    I ordered two 110mm batteries and one 140. I was sent two 140's and one 110. The 140's are just silly--it's like smoking a cane; having two is pointless. The batteries are not actually 110mm and 140mm but are the final length when you add the filter, which gives you no idea how long this thing is actually going to be when you put it together; why not just say how long the batteries actually are? The 140's require the force of a Hoover vacuum in order to draw sufficiently. The 110 works well. The carts are not bad; pretty clean, though smell a bit. Sahara is good. I ordered another "standard" battery but there was no indication on the web site as to how long it was, so for all I know I'll end up with three cane-sized batteries. Delivery was speedy (under a week--good job there). There was no instruction manual, but fortunately I understand how they work.

    RESPONSE: Wow, us and most every other person here considers the Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn. Not to mention the power !

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  • 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

    Good product

    This is a good value. The menthol tastes good and batteries last. Wish the batteries were a bit shorter. So glad I found you!

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How long does it take to charge the ecigs?
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The ad shows a lanyard but I didn't receive one. Is this item available?
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I am looking for an e cig similar to the V2 congress cartridges. They have a similar flavor to Parliment cigarettes.
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