40 Pack of Empty eCig Cartridges

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Never worry about buying another e-liquid cartridge for your e-cigarette again with Mig Vapor’s huge set of 40 empty e-cigarette cartridges.
Best cig
I really think the mig cig is the best ecig i've had and i have a lot of different kinds.Would recommend.
Best longest lasting cartos I have used yet
Started out with Halo G6 cartos but did not seem hold as much juice. Migcig cartos are some of the best I've used


40 Pack of Empty Ecig Cartridges

Mig Vapor’s Set of 40 Blank E-cigarette Cartridges: What’s it all about?


If you know the feeling of looking at the cartridge in your vape and seeing how dirty and empty it is, then you’ll automatically know why Mig Vapor’s cartridge set is perfect. With the set, you'll never run out of ways to easily refill and reuse blank cartridges. All forty of the cartridges are finely tuned to support up to four refills of 1 mL of e-liquid. Sporting highly durable material and brilliant colors, the cartridges are not only efficient but also fun and sturdy.

Details About Mig Vapor’s 40 E-cigarette Cartridges

Only the highest quality materials are used for Mig Vapor’s equipment and components, and the empty e-cigarette cartridges are yet another example of this. Designed to work with any KR808D-1 vaporizers, the cartridges can store up to 1 mL of e-liquid per refill. Easy to fill and easy to reuse, the pack of forty cartridges will last you for an eternity.


What's Included:

  • 40 blank e cig cartridges


  • Highest quality KR808D-1 compatible cartridges
  • Low resistance 2.5 ohm cartridges are designed for use with our 4.2 volt e-cigarette batteries.


  • Uncrew cartridge from battery.
  • Gently remove the cap with the e cig cap remover tool.  
  • You can remove the stay fresh rubber seal.
  • Gently drop 2-3 e liquid drops along the inner sides of cartridge.Then slowly add drops until it's full.  DO NOT DROP LIQUID THROUGH THE HOLE.
  • Put the cap back on.
  • Final Step: Wipe the cartridge with a paper towel removing all liquid from the side of the cartridge that connects to the battery, as well as, the exterior of the e cigarette.


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