20 Pack of Empty eCig Cartridges

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Find amazing savings and extreme efficiency with Mig Vapor’s Set of 20 blank e-cigarette cartridges.
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I have ordered both cartridges and batteries and they are both great.


 20 Pack of Empty Ecig Cartridges


About Mig Vapor’s Set of 20 Empty E-cigarette Cartridges

Do you ever feel like you need a way to save money while you’re vaping? Then the perfect package from Mig Vapor lies waiting to help you do just that. A pack of 20 refillable blank cartridges for your vape give you up to 4 refills with the many flavors of Mig Vapor’s Premium e-liquids. Four boxes of five blanks with 2.5 ohm cartridges are perfect for many of Mig’s amazing 4.2 volt e-cigarettes. A variety of colors are available for the package, from Malibu Blue to Oyster Pink.


Technical Details and Shipping Information for Mig Vapor’s 20 E-cigarette Cartridges

As the cartridges are indeed refillable, you’ll only need about 1 mL (15-20 drops) of e-liquid to top off a cartridge. This means that each of the four refills is priced at under $1. The cartridges work with any KR808D-1 vape. Once ordered, the blank cartridges will arrive in 5-10 days (10-15 for Alaska and Hawaii, or three weeks to PO boxes outside of the contiguous United States).


What's Included:

  • 4 boxes of 5 packs blank e cig cartridges, totaling 20 cartridges.


  • Highest quality KR808D-1 compatible cartridges
  • Unfilled cartridges (cartomizers) are designed to be manually filled up to 4 times
  • Low resistance 2.5 ohm cartridges are designed for use with our 4.2 volt e-cigarette batteries.


  • Unscrew cartridge from battery.
  • Gently remove the cap with the e cig cap remover tool.  
  • Gently drop 2-3 e liquid drops along the inner sides of cartridge.Then slowly add liquid , drop by drop. DO NOT DROP LIQUID THROUGH THE HOLE.
  • Put the cap back on.
  • Final step: Wipe the cartridge with a paper towel removing all liquid from the side of the cartridge that connects to the battery, as well as, the exterior of the e cigarette.


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