The Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit Pink, yellow, black, purple, silver battery


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The Bug Mini Mod is a powerful, miniature 1100 Mah sub-ohm vape mod and uses the latest technology with temperature regulation and superior performance in a mini e-Cig device. The Bug comes with a top fill design that makes it much easier to refill, as well as a concealing cap.

The All New
MigVapor Bug
One Vape to Rule Them All
When you see this small, stealthy vape, you will love it! We packed everything we could in this phenomenal vape pen starter kit. Designed for women and men alike, Bug is available in different colors. Utilizing the latest and most advanced technology, you'll be amazed by the quality of vapor and flavor this vape produces.
The MigVapor Bug
Something for Everybody:
The Bug vape mod will grab the attention of your mind and eyes with its bright color choices! We have something for everybody!
The designers at MigVapor took both aesthetics and function into consideration when creating the Bug. Break free from the big bulky mods and dull designs and technology of other vapes by choosing the one that you have always been waiting for, The BUG.
The Bug is super-easy to use; it produces the amazing quality of vapor. This vape pen even comes with a magnetic cap to hide that is a vape and protect from possible e-juice leaking into your purse, pocket or car.
22W of power with a 2 ml tank! Available in different colors, featuring advanced stealth and unique safety features (like magnetic topper to prevent leaking) this vape starter kit will be your favorite vape for a long time!
The Starter Kit Includes Everything You'll Need:
  • 1 Bug 1100 Mah Battery
  • One USB Charger
  • One Bug 2.0 ml Vape Tank
  • One Stealth Antileak Magnetic Cap
  • One .8 Ω Atomizer Coil
  • Very Cute Gift Box

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    Great pen, will buy again

    I've been using a SR-72 and 1300 Twist, for a couple of years, but wanted to expand into sub-ohm, without spending a fortune. I got the Bug Kit, and love It! Easy to use, the magnetic cap is genius, I can toss it in my bag with no worries of getting leaks, or getting debris into mouthpiece. The wick slots are at the very bottom of tank, so u get the value of every drop of e-juice, before refill needed. I think the best thing I can say, is it really is just fill and forget it, perfect for stepping into sub-ohm vaping with no worries

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    Love the Bug Mini!

    I absolutely love the Bug Mini vape pen. It's easy to use, travels well and holds a decent charge. I carry at least two Bug Minis with me, depending on how long of a day I have traveling. I like that you can turn it off and back on again. It's by far my most favorite vape pen to date. The colors are great too!

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    I’m new to this

    Did a lot of research as I’m new to vaping. I really like this so far, but it whistles pretty loudly, is that normal, or am I doing something wrong? I’ve read reviews and the Q&As and it doesn’t seem to be a problem for others. I’m using it to vape CBD.

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    The bug

    New to vaping and did a ton of research before purchasing the bug. All the reviews were so positive so decided to give this one a try. I love my bug super simple to fill. Love the magnetic cap keeps the mouth piece clean. Fits in my pocket or purse couldn't be happier with this product. Trying to quit smoking cigarettes by using this. Its definitely helping, my biggest worry was not getting the right sensation when trying to vape rather than smoke. This bad ass bug is better then a cigarette by far. I love the choice of flavors and being able to make your own. So far the flavors I have tried taste amazing with the bug. Brava migvapor!

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    Great Vap Pen

    This the first vape for concentrates that I have used and I could not be happier with my purchase.
    The battery life seems excellent, and it is very easy to use.

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Can this be used for cbd liquid?
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Can you used pre-filled 510 cartridges on this pen?
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I would like the darker pink bug would that be hot pink or bright hot pink
1 answers
Does The Bug mini vape mod work well with the Sub-herb dry herb vaporizer? The specs on both seem to line up but I d like to hear from someone who has experience using the combination. Thanks!
1 answers
How often do you have to replace the tanks and coils?
1 answers
I understand you press 5 times to turn it on. Is there a way to turn it "off""/deactivate, whatever? If it's plugged in, how do you know if it's actually charging or fully charged? "
3 answers
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