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Advanced E-Cigarettes

Bigger and more powerful than our cigarette style ecigs, and smaller than most vape mods. Mig Vapor’s advanced ecig starter kits will give you the power and control that you demand from an advanced personal vaporizer.


Sometimes, you just want more. More vapor, more flavor and more control. Mig Vapor offers a variety of ecig types that will give you more. It begins with the best and longest lasting variable voltage batteries and variable wattage ecig batteries in the business. The ecig battery designs that Mig Vapor’s designers have innovated use unique technologies that exceed existing standards.These ecigs allow for a longer battery life and more versatility to enjoy your favorite Mig Vapor ejuice flavors.

Advanced E-Cigs and E-Cig Starter Kits

These variable voltage/variable wattage ecigs will produce more vapor and last longer than most ecigs that are of smaller size, they're bigger but it's a fair trade off with a slight increase in size, you also increase ecig battery power and gain more control of your vape.  These types of electronic cigarettes are very popular with vapers who want more vapor than a cigarette style but are not into cloud chasing.


Part of a premiere customizable vape experience is getting top performance from your ecig tank. All of Mig Vapor’s advanced ecig starter kits feature leading technology and that translates into better vaping. The choices we offer are impressive if we don’t say so ourselves! For instance, if you want an advanced ecig kit but still prefer something small and sleek, well the Neo Vape Pen fits the bill to perfection. The Neo is compact and incredibly efficient.


If you are a fan of the classic eGo ecig design, our SR-72 ecig kit is the best eGo electronic cigarette. The 1300 mAh batteries can last up to all day and then some. The consistent 4.2 volt output delivers optimal consistency. Other vape kits may claim to deliver a consistent 4.2 volts but they do not have our proven technology. We actually deliver. The SR-72 vape tanks are easy to use and the vapor production is outstanding.


The Mig Vapor Phantom X UFO e-cigarette starter kit is one of a kind. With amazingly efficient 1600 mAh variable wattage ecigarette batteries combined with the bottom dual coil Phantom X UFO ecig tanks deliver the custom vaping you want. The Phantom X is a beautiful vapor maker that has delighted thousands of Mig Vapor customers all over the world. It is beautiful and an elite performer.


For those of you who demand amazing flavor and vapor in an advanced ecig kit that gives you total control the Mig Vapor Stinger ecig kit is exactly what you want! What do we mean by total control? Well with the best variable voltage vape batteries combined with the perfect adjustable airflow Stinger vape tank, this is an advanced personal vaporizer at it’s best.


Today many people are accustomed to the slightly larger size vape pens. We see them just about everywhere. Now, it has become a fashion trend with men and women alike. Whether your on the go or out on the town, having a Mig Vapor e-cigarette is a statement that tells the world that you care about quality and design.


These e-cigarettes have a longer lasting battery and are capable of holding a lot more e-liquid than an e-cigarette cartridge because they use ecig tanks. If these ecigs seem a little too big we recommend the famous Mig 21, small, sleek, ultra-portable, yet powerful.


Ultimately, Mig Vapor has a lot for you to choose from! No matter what you choose, we offer the very best in quality, innovation, and design. Experience vaping at its best.

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