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Electronic Cigarettes

It's time to rethink electronic cigarettes. Our ecig starter kits, advanced ecigs and vape mods are designed to provide the ultimate vaping experience that you deserve without the needless hassle. Our Best E-Liquid devices.


Mig Vapor brand electronic cigarettes have been voted best ecig and best vape flavors by multiple ecig review organizations.

What are Vapor Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes,e-cigs or vapor cigarettes, all the terms are used to refer to a handheld electronic gadget that turns a flavored e-juice or e-liquid into vapor, which is inhaled by the user, usually to fulfill their nicotine cravings. We’ll use these terms interchangeably throughout this page.

Although they come in all shapes and sizes, but usually resemble a traditional tobacco cigarette. The tank holds e-liquid, cartomizer – powered by a battery – turns the liquid into vapor by bringing it into contact with a heating element, and the user inhales the vapor through the mouthpiece.


Why Vapor Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes offer several health benefits over the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Let’s talk about some of them:

Unlimited health benefits as compared to tobacco cigarettes

What really makes the tobacco cigarette so dangerous? While nicotine makes them addictive, the real harms come from the burning of tar and more than 7000 toxic chemical compounds, 70 of which have been proven to be carcinogens. Since there is no combustion, the good thing with e-cigarettes is that they lack all of these cancer causing agents as well as tar. While a whole book can be written on health benefits of vapor cigarettes, but to sum it up, researches show that vapor cigarettes are at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes.

More control over nicotine level

As we mentioned earlier that it’s nicotine that really makes tobacco cigarettes addictive, most e-liquids give you the freedom to choose a nicotine strength, some even come without any nicotine whatsoever. This means that you can gradually decrease the strength, if you want to minimize or end nicotine consumption, without having to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

No obnoxious smell

Unlike the annoying smell of tobacco cigarettes, that won’t go away from your clothes, your car and even furniture no matter what you do, vapor cigarettes actually smell good as you might smell the sweet aroma of vanilla, strawberry etc. created by the vaporization of flavored e-liquid.

No ash

When you smoke tobacco cigarettes, one of your biggest worries is having to deal with the ash and cigarette butts. But if you use vapor cigarettes instead, your household will totally love you for that. 

Freedom to be everywhere

While you should check the laws of your locality on the use of e-cigs, however, since there is no smell, no ash, and no butts, they are not only more environment-friendly but are also more socially accepted than cigarettes. This means that you don’t have to slip out and miss out the fun.

Cost effective

Depending on where you live and how much you smoke, switching from tobacco to vapor cigarettes can save you hundreds of dollars every single month. According to estimates, a pack-a-day smoker can save more than 50% by replacing cigarettes with ecigs.

How to choose the best electronic cigarette?

Not all vapor cigarettes are created equal. Their wide variety in terms of shape, size, functionality, quality and price is simply mind boggling. But choosing the best e-cig can be easy if you keep a few things in mind.

The first factor to consider is compatibility. Although some hybrid vaporizers with interchangeable parts allow you to vape different mediums, most are used for just one type of medium i.e. oil, wax or dry herbs. It goes without saying that you should only buy an e-cig that’s compatible with the material you use.

In terms of functionality, there are two major types of e-cigs: convection style and conduction style. The convection style vaporizers blow hot air through the material to vaporize them while conduction style vaporizers do the same through direct contact with the heating plate. While the conduction e-cigs have a very short heat up time, but the convection style vaporizers offer a better taste and can completely and uniformly turn the material into the vapor.

Prefer a simple e-cig over a complicated one. Most electronic cigarettes have just one button, and are very user-friendly, however, the more complicated a cigarette is, the higher the chances are that it will malfunction. Also, choosing an extremely cheap one can make you pay a big price in terms of your health issues, as the vaporizing process can cause plastic and paint to get mixed with the vapor and can reach your lungs.

As for the design, choose a unit that looks decent, is easy to use and feels durable. A discrete and portable design also gets additional points.  Some other important factors to consider include battery life, the size of the vaporizer, ease of use, warranty and price.


Why Mig Vapor?

So many lives have been changed as smokers everywhere are taking their future back from the death grip of Big Tobacco. Mig Vapor is a different breed of the electronic cigarette company. We have nothing to do with Big Tobacco. We are an independent American e-cig brand. Mig Vapor works with the world’s leading e-cig manufacturers to find new ways to make technology work for you, not the other way around.

We were told many times that the innovations that Mig Vapor wanted to implement could not be done. They told us to be satisfied with the status quo. They did not want us to rock the boat of conventional vapor cigarette designs. Fortunately, we’re just not that interested in what doubters have to say. Mig Vapor did what naysayers said could not be done and the results based on real consumer reviews say that we sell the best vapor cigs on the market today, we’re not just tooting our own horn, our customer reviews on the web speak for us.

At MigVapor, we’re proud of our cutting-edge vape mods, e-cig cartridges, ejuice, vape tanks and everything

Mig Vapor’s e-cig starter kits have won several awards. In fact, the Mig 21 e-cig starter kit has been recognized as the best refillable vapor cigarette to make the switch to vaping for multiple years running. We love the compliments from e-cig reviewers but nothing on earth gets to us more than when we hear from our customers when they tell us that Mig Vapor is the e-cig that has changed their lives. Many of our customers begin their vaping journey with the Mig Vapor cigarette style starter kits.

We offer five different options with something to fit every budget and every lifestyle. Our cigarette style e-cig batteries are unlike any others. While some e-cig products like those sold in gas stations are not cutting it for beginner vapers, our e-cig batteries are designed to simulate a 4.2-volt output every puff proving a consistent, full and satisfying vapor every time.

Mig Vapor e-cigarettes prove themselves to be a superior choice not to mention a far better value backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you choose any of our cigarette style starter kits, also called cig a likes, you will experience the difference of not only our advanced battery technology but also our superior MigVapor e-cig refill cartridges. The flavors and vapor are long lasting. Yes, our cartridges are better and they’ll save you money!

Our refillable e-cigarette cartomizers will save you 20% to 25% vs our competitors.

More impressively, you will save up to 35% vs the leading retail e-cig brands when you refill your own cartomizers or e-cig tanks. In addition to that, we give you ten flavor options and five nicotine options because we know that not all smokers can be lumped into one basket. You are unique and you deserve options that suit your specific needs. Sometimes, smokers want more vapor and bigger, more powerful e-cig batteries.

Basic easy to use e-cig tank systems are very popular but most of your choices out there fall short in terms of quality and performance. The problem is that so many of them are just re-branding a basic, cheap OEM e-cig design. To be honest, it kind of ticks us off. We are not impressed and we are not about to sit by and let people be ripped off by a bunch of generic junk. We did what we always do. Roll up our sleeves and got to work designing the best electronic cigarettes for our customers.


Types of Vapor E-Cigarettes by Mig Vapor


The Cig-a-like starter kits are ideal for beginners as they are similar to cigarettes, are very easy to use and give pretty much the same sensation as the traditional cigarettes. Just slam the refill cartridge into the unit and enjoy vaping. In addition to high-quality materials used and cutting-edge engineering, what really sets our fully loaded starter ecigs is the exclusive batteries. The batteries feature a smart microprocessor that ensures consistent 4.2-volt output for extended vaping sessions. For people who are replacing smoking with vaping, our kits offer different nicotine strengths of 0%, 0.6%. 1.2%, 1.8%, and 2.4%, to keep your cravings under control and also let you gradually reduce the nicotine intake.

We have a variety of starter kits, from Basic to Supreme, all offer a great experience for different styles of vaping and price range. However, all of them are top-quality units and guarantee satisfaction.

Click here and check out our selection of long-lasting cig-a-likes

Miniature E-Cigs

Our award-winning miniature vape pen kits aka miniature vapor cigarettes received incredible reception from reviewers, vapers, and vaping gurus, as soon as we launched them. In addition to winning the Indo Awards for being the best help for ex-smokers to transition to vaping consecutively in 2015 and 2016, the miniature e-cigs have won thousands of hearts also. This feat was achieved by our attitude of never being satisfied with what we’ve achieved. When we designed our vape pen kits, we wanted to deliver more vapor than any other kit available on the market, but some designers said it was impossible because of the technology limitations. Guess what, “impossible” is just a starting point of our innovation. 

The kits in our miniature e-cigs are extremely affordable and offer great value for money. In addition to our trademark quality product, great battery, life and supreme vapor, you also get a 30ml bottle of our prestigious vapor e-juice, that roughly translates to 30 packs of cigarettes. Depending on where you live, 30 packs can cost you more than $300, while our entire kits cost about four times less than this. In other words, you’ll not only get better, healthier experience, but will also save a lot of cash in the long run.

Click here to view Mig 21 miniature kits.

Advanced E-Cigs

For vapers who want more of everything: more control, more flavor and more vapor, we offer our top of the line advanced e-cigarettes. These kits exceed the current standards of battery life, versatility, and vapor quality.

Our advanced e-cig kits with variable voltage/variable wattage allow you to customize your experience just the way you like by choosing the desired wattage level. Ideal for intermediate and experienced vapers, these e-cigs are slightly bigger in size, but much bigger in quality. Our skilled engineers have come up with the technology that has helped us design the best tank with huge storage capacity. What’s more, the 1300-1600 mAh batteries can last for up to a whole day while delivering a constant 4.2-volt output for smooth flavor and performance.

For more advanced devices — check out our eGo style vapor cigs here.

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