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Matt Wallace
Mar. 16, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Vape Travels

With the weather finally starting to improve in most parts of the country, it’s getting about that time where people start to travel more. We’ve put together the basics for what you need to carry as a vaping user when you travel by car, train, plane or even taking that special cruise aboard  a ship.

Bring Your Vaping Device(s)

This is the most crucial part! Don’t go without your vaping device(s)! There might be a vape shop in the area, but if you have yours already in-hand from Mig Cigs, that’s one less hassle to deal with. Not to mention, you don’t know what the quality of a vaping device will be if you go to a vape shop in an area of another state you’ve never been to.


You need more than one. If your battery dies while you’re on vacation, and you’re nowhere near a vape shop, you’re basically out of luck. That’s why it’s important, that if you’re on your vacation, you’ve got a spare or two with you.


Like batteries, carry a spare charger with you, as this’ll ease your comfort while worrying about more important things such as working on your tan, what attractions to go see, and where to get the best alcoholic beverages.


Having all the hardware and accessories with you is fine, but if you don’t have enough e-liquid, then what do you do? If you run out, you obviously can’t vape. That’s why you should carry more than enough to hold you over for the length of your trip, as you want to expect for the unexpected things.


Lanyards and cases are really useful when traveling, along with drip tips.

Other Helpful Tips for Air Travel

Your gear should be packed in your carry-on luggage so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it. It’s a good idea to disconnect your battery from your device to help avoid setting off the security alarm when going through checkpoints. If security personnel inquire about what it is and what it’s for, just be open with them. Now remember, you are NOT ALLOWED to vape on the plane. It’s illegal.

Finally, as for your trip, we strongly desire you to pack suitably from the advice we’ve given you today and to have as much enjoyment as possible. Wherever you’re off to.





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