Which E-Cigarette Kit Is Right For You?

Matt Wallace
Aug. 29, 2013
by Matt Wallace

E-Cigarette Kit Buying Guide

Are you ready to experience a new sensation and leave your tobacco ashes behind? When you are making the decision to seek an alternative to tobacco the number one choice for most people is an electronic cigarette.

With so many kit choices, nicotine strengths and flavors to choose from how do you decide which ecig kit is right for you? Let’s go over our selection of ecigarette starter kits, so you can be sure you’re choosing the perfect kit for you.

Super Saver Kit

ecig starter kit

This is our basic starter sampler kit and if you’re on a budget or you just want an inexpensive way to try vaping with a premium e-cigarette. This kit includes:

(1)  Mig Cigs long lasting rechargeable battery
(2)  Cartridges with your choice of flavor
(1)  USB charger

Each cartridge is approximatley equal to 20 cigarettes. Our cartridges are refillable with any e-liquid flavor. You choose your nicotine level and flavor.  More info….

Economy Kit

economy-ecig-kitOur economy kit contains more products than our super saver kit, so you can take your time learning about vaping and experiencing the freedom a vaping lifestyle can bring. There’s no need to rush through this kit because it comes with the equivalent of nearly 5 packs of cigarettes. You’ll also have the option to order more cartridges for half price.  More info….

(2)  Mig Cigs long lasting rechargeable batteries (long or short)
(5)  Cartridges with your choice of flavor and strength (refillable up to 3x)
(1)  USB charger

Standard Kit & Standard Kit Plus

If you are already pretty much set on making the switch from analog cigarettes to ecigarettes then this is the kit for you. Mig Cigs are e-cigarette kitpremium ecigarettes with the longest lasting e-cig battery on the market. Our e-liquid flavors are some of the very best in the industry. All of our cartridges are refillable up to 3x before you should discard. That saves you even more money over standard cigarettes.  More info….

The Standard kit includes:

(2)  Mig Cigs long lasting rechargeable standard size batteries
(10)  cartridges of your flavor choice and strength (refillable up to 3x)
(1)  USB charger
(1)  A/C Wall Adapter

standard kit plus ecig kitThe Standard Kit Plus includes:

(2)  Mig Cigs long lasting rechargeable standard size batteries
(1)   Mig Cigs long lasting rechargeable super size battery
(10)  Cartridges of your flavor choice and strength (refillable up to 3x)
(1)  USB charger
(1)  A/C Wall Adapter
(1)  Carrying Case
More info….

The Black Label Kit

This kit is for those who care about vaping in style. A sleek glossy battery and satin finish cartridge is a great accessory to a little black dress or when you feel like making a bold statement. This elegant, stylish e-cigarette kit comes in a beautiful elegant gift box. Give the gift of freedom to smoke in more places for someone you care about.  More info….

black label kit (2)  110mm Black Rechargeable Standard Mig Cig batteries.
(6)  Cartridges – (1) Sahara Black Label cartridge and your choice of 5-pack of cartridges in your choice of flavor and nicotine level (refillable up to 3x)
(1)  USB Charger
(1)  A/C Wall Charger Adapter

Supreme Kit

This kit is perfect for a serious vaper. You want to make the transition to not only vapor cigarettes, but to a premium e-cigarette. Our batteries are not only the longest lasting battery on the market, but we offer 4.2 volts in every vape you take. That’s a full warm hit that feels like the power of an ego in a stick. You’ll really enjoy this kit,  so pick up an extra one for someone who needs to make the switch to vapor.  More info….

supreme kit (2)   Mig Cigs Standard Batteries
(2)   Mig Cigs Super Power batteries
(20) Cartridges ( Four Packs Of 5 – refillable)
(1)   AC Wall Adapter
(2)   USB chargers with cables
(1)   Car Charger
(1)   Carrying Case
(1)   Cartridge Cap remover Tool


MIG 21 Clear Tank Cigarette Kit

This kit comes with clear cartomizers (cartridges) built and designed by MIG and Kanger. They come ready to fill with your favorite e-liquid. This kit is best for advanced vapers or vapers who are ready to transition to a heavier vape and experiment with their own different flavor mixes. The clear tank size is a whopping 3.6 ml and of course they come with our powerful 4.2 voltage batteries.  These clearomizer tank kitclear cartomizers can be refilled up to 20 times before they will need replacing.  More info….

(2)  Rechargeable Mig Cigs 140 mm Batteries
(2)  Clear Fusion 3.6 ml Tanks
(1)  Wall adaptor
(1)  USB Charger With Cable
(1)  Mig cigs Ego Style Carry Case

Whichever kit suits your unique personal needs they are all backed with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. All of our cartridges are refillable up to 3 times before you should replace them and our clearomizers can be refilled up to 20 times before you should replace them. We offer fast shipping and FREE shipping on all order $50 and above. You can check out all of our e-cigarette kits here.





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