What’s in E Juice?

Matt Wallace
Dec. 11, 2017
by Matt Wallace

Anyone who is a part of the vaping world is sure to be familiar with the term “e-juice”. Mods and vaporizers have become more popular as of recently, e-juice has become extremely popular and has become a huge part of the vaping world. Even though many people are familiar with it, not many people know exactly what is in e-juice. Vape juice and e-juice are the different terms used to describe the same thing.

E-juice is the liquid put in vaporizers that creates the vapor itself. It can be made with nicotine, and it can be made without nicotine, but it really depends on the preference of the person. To create the vapor, the juice heats up to somewhere between 200 and 400 degrees, which then creates the vapor to inhale.

e juice


What is e Juice made out of?

In every vape juice, you will find that it is made out of a mix of water, flavoring, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and has an optional choice of nicotine. The flavoring put in vape juice is food grade. Food grade flavoring is safe to consume and is very delicious. This is the same flavoring that is put in foods. Every vape juice also has Propylene Glycol, which is a liquid that is used to distribute taste and flavor evenly through the liquid. Propylene Glycol is often used in many medicines and food coloring. You will also find Vegetable Glycerin in vape juice, which is a liquid that is vegetable based. Vegetable Gylecerin is thick and very sweet. Both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin make up 90% of the vape juice, and the nicotine and flavoring make up the rest.


Comparing VG and PG


Propylene Glycol


Propylene Glycol is the thinner of the two liquids. Usually, because it’s so thin, it’s easier for the cotton in the mod to absorb the juice. The mod will also be cleaner because there will be no juice residue left, due to the fact that the juice is thinner in consistency. Propylene Glycol doesn’t have any flavor, so the entirety of the e-juice flavor will not be affected. PG also produces a hit that is similar to smoking a cigarette, which is very popular among many people who vape. They often choose PG e-juice for that reason. Though using Propylene Glycol juice may seem beneficial, people looking into getting Propylene Glycol juice should note that a few allergic reactions have been reported among users of the juice.


Vegetable Glycerin


Juices made with Vegetable Glycerin thicker and a lot stronger than PG. Vegetable Glycerin has the ability to produce more build up on parts of a vaporizer and the life-span of an atomizer can and will be reduced if this happens. The taste of Vegetable Glycerin is sweet, as it tends to replace other sweeteners in other things. Along with that, VG has been noted to produce clouds of vapor that are bigger and thicker than that of a cloud produced by Propylene Glycol, as it is denser in terms of how it’s made. This is a huge reason why people prefer to use juices made with Vegetable Glycerin. The hit that juices made of VG produce have reported to be way smoother than that of a hit produced by juices made of Propylene Glycol. Users of VG have reported very few allergic reactions to juices made with VG, but a lot of people have reported some build up in the throat region after regularly using VG juices.


Which Should I Pick?


Choosing between a juice made with Vegetable Glycerin or a juice made with Propylene Glycol really depends on personal preferences and choices. Both have many benefits that equally make vaping a pleasant experience. If you’re looking for a stronger hit in your throat, pick a juice with propylene glycol. If you’re looking for something that will allow you to blow extreme vape clouds, choose a juice made of vegetable glycerin.


Premium Juices vs. Regular Juices


It is important to realize the difference between premium juices and regular juices. A lot of people who vape actually skip this step when choosing a juice that will benefit their vaping experience. Many times, people skip over the premium juices, as they are more expensive. Who likes spending a ton of money on something that can run out super quick? No one. In this case, spending more money on a premium juice will be more beneficial down the road. Though they are more expensive, premium juices are safer for consumption than regular juice. Regular juices, on the other hand, are cheaper, yet they are not as safe to consume.





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