What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

Matt Wallace
Dec. 20, 2017
by Matt Wallace

As a culture is changing, new trends are developing, and one of the fastest rising trends right now is vaping. There is an entire subculture surrounding vaping and all the things that it encompasses. Whether its e-cigs to quit smoking or cloud-chasing competitions for recreational use, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular styles of vaping right now is called Sub-Ohm vaping, but what is it? Below is a guide to Sub-Ohm vaping and everything it entails.


sub ohm vaping


What Sub-Ohm vaping is, is simply vaping on a device whose atomizer coils have a resistance of less than one ohm. If you are unfamiliar with vaping terminology, an ohm is a unit of electrical resistance. Ohms are controlled by the resistance of the coils and the power output of the battery of a device. When there is less resistance and more wattage, you are able to create more vapor, which means bigger clouds. As the resistance is decreased however, more strain is put on the battery which makes it heat up. This can cause it to overheat, and if the battery fails it can potentially catch fire or even explode. Sub-Ohm vaping is generally done with devices like mechanical vape mods and non-variable regulated devices.


Sub-Ohm vaping can be dangerous as it can cause fires and explosions which could injure the user. There are safety guidelines that have been put into place however, and if these guidelines are followed then Sub-Ohm vaping is safe to do. Some of these guidelines that can help you Sub-Ohm vape safely include things like making sure you are educated on the different coils and wattage and what is ideal together. Many people who sub-ohm like to build their own mods or coils, which if done incorrectly can be dangerous. It is better to just research around a bit and find products that will give you what you are looking for. Another thing to be aware of is when you Sub-Ohm vape your body absorbs more nicotine. In order to avoid nicotine poisoning, make sure to use juice with lower levels of nicotine.


Sub-Ohm batteries are arguably the most important piece. Your battery is what allows the entire process to work, so it is very important to choose your battery wisely. Make sure you understand all of the different aspects that go into choosing a battery that best suits your needs. Once you have selected your battery, ensure that it is kept somewhere that the temperature is regulated so it will stay dry and is never exposed to water or extreme hot or cold. The batteries have a wrapper around them, which should be replaced immediately if any damage occurs. Many vape shops can rewrap a battery for you should it get damaged. One of the key things to remember is that you should never exceed your battery’s amp limit. This is what leads to failure and potential injuries from fires or explosions. If you take care of your battery, safety is much easier to maintain.


There are different kinds of E-liquid. E-liquid which is also known as vape juice is what is vaporized in order to make clouds. There are hundreds of different flavors with different levels of nicotine and usually they are made with vegetable glycerin (VG) and/or propylene glycol (PG). Most people who Sub-Ohm vape prefer vape juice that has a higher percentage of VG because the clouds are larger and more dense. Juice with a higher percentage of VG also has a reduced throat hit so vapers are able to take in more. As discussed in above, they will also choose E-liquid that has lower levels of nicotine, usually no more then 3-6mg/ml.


Some popular Sub-Ohm vaping devices. In the beginning, when vape products were just coming into the market and it was still a new fad, there were a lot less options for people to choose from. People who wanted to Sub-Ohm vape were generally limited to mechanical mods and variable voltage devices. Mechanical mods allow a direct connection from battery to atomizer coils. Variable voltage, on the other hand, has wires that run from the firing switch to the battery, which then triggers the battery to function and heat up the coils. On any device, it is important to make sure that, if you are Sub-Ohm vaping, the device is well vented and that it doesn’t have a high voltage drop. Although these devices are still widely used among Sub-Ohm vapers, they are no longer necessary. With the progression of technology there are other high power, regulated devices that you can adjust the settings on. On these devices you can change the voltage output and you are less likely to damage your battery or coils.


Is Sub-Ohm vaping for you? Because sub-ohm vaping requires a fairly extensive knowledge of ohms and electrical outputs, it is not recommended for new vapers. However, if you are interested in starting out as a Sub-Ohm vaper, it is possible to do research and pursue it. If you are an experienced vaper and you want bigger clouds or even want to compete in cloud chasing competitions, then Sub-Ohm vaping may be what you are looking for. If you like a clean hit and more flavor, it may be beneficial for you to continue with the more traditional vape products. You may enjoy changing things up with a new mod, or, if you have had a mod, try an e-cig.


The main thing to recognize with Sub-Ohm vaping is that it is important to educate yourself and to proceed with caution. While it can be dangerous, if you use common sense and follow the guidelines that have been put into place, it is a fun way to explore the next level of vaping. If Sub-Ohm vaping is what you are looking for then don’t be afraid to try it out and see what kind of clouds you can create. If it’s not for you then don’t feel obligated to try it.





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