What Is E-Liquid?

Matt Wallace
Aug. 30, 2013
by Matt Wallace

SAR20-2TThe liquid used in electronic cigarette cartridges is referred to as e-liquid. It commonly has three major components:  An agent to produce the vapor, nicotine and flavorings to add flavor. All of the components except the nicotine would be considered safe for use in food products. However, nicotine is found naturally in several vegetables like potatoes and eggplants.

There are two types of agents that can be used to create vapor:

PG – Propylene Glycol is the most common.
VG – Vegetable Glycerin

The majority of e-liquid you will find to be PG based. Propylene Glycol generally produces sweeter juices and less vapor. Vegetable Glycerin produces more vapor, and tends to be less sweet. Sometimes you will find both types mixed together to even out the mixture. At Mig Cigs our formula is PG vg 80/20.

E-liquids are also available in different strength levels of nicotine ranging from zero nicotine up to levels as high as 2.4% nicotine. The nicotine level is usually expressed in milligrams per milliliter but can be converted to an approximate percentage by placing a decimal between the digits. 24mg strength would be roughly 2.4% nicotine. This is simply due to perception that a percentage is less strong.

What strength of liquid is best for a beginner?

The strength of nicotine you will use is a a personal choice that depends on many factors. Many people would say a heavy smoker who smokes 1 – 2 packs a day does not need any more than 1.8% nicotine in their e-liquid. Here are our two recommendations for choosing your liquid strength. Begin by buying a small amount with the lowest nicotine level which is usually .06%. If that doesn’t seem strong enough you’ll know to advance to a higher strength. The second recommendation is that you can choose a higher level of nicotine to begin with, but also buy the same flavor in zero nicotine level. That way, if you decide 18mg is too strong, you can dilute it down to whatever suits you.

Will it taste like a real (traditional tobacco) cigarette?

The liquid that tastes most like a real cigarette is… there is none. No liquid tastes like a real cigarette because there is no combustion. However, Mig Cigs offer two tobacco flavors Sahara Classic and Red Zeppelin. Our tobacco flavors are some of the most popular flavors we carry. Keep in mind that different flavors will taste different from different suppliers so while you may not like blueberry from one company, you may like blueberry from another. Incidentally, our Blueberry Hookah is one of  our top selling  flavors. Try small sizes for different liquids until you find something you like; then get larger bottles to save money. Mig Cigs current e-liquid flavors are Vanilla, Sahara Classic, Menthol Cool Blast, Red Zeppelin, Miami Fusion, Cherry Zenga, Blueberry Hookah and Coffee.

Is there a special way to store e-liquids?

E-liquids should be stored in a cool, dry place that is not exposed to direct sunlight. Many suppliers use colored glass bottles to help reduce exposure to sunlight, but it is not a bad idea to keep whatever you are not actively using stored in a closed box that eliminates any light exposure. Many people also store them in the refrigerator as well. Many e-liquids will have an expiration date and manufacture date on the bottle. It is assumed that most juices expire 2 years after date of manufacture. Be sure to keep e-liquid out of reach of children and pets.

So there you have it.  E-liquid is a simple mixture of these 4 basic components: Propylene Glycol and/or Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine and Flavorings. Since there are so many flavors to choose from it’s best to buy in small quantities until you find the perfect flavors that appeal to you the most. Sometimes you want something fruity or refreshing and sometimes you want something that tastes as close to a standard cigarette as possible. For cravings like that we heartily recommend our Red Zeppelin flavor.

All of our e-cigarette cartridges and clearomizers can be refilled with any e-liquid. The cartridges can be refilled up to 3 times before replacing with a fresh one and the clearomizers can be refilled up to 20 times before you should replace with a fresh one.



For more information on how to refill a cartridge, please watch the video below:





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