What Does it Mean to Flavor Blend?

Matt Wallace
Aug. 10, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Flavor blending is popular among liquor connoisseur’s, cigar smokers, and most recently, vaping users. In fact, flavor blending can reduce the chances of a cigarette smoker relapsing. Blending has become highly regarded amongst the vaping community.

What Is Flavor Blending in the Vaping World?

Flavoring blending is the act of combining different flavors of VG and/or PG (which all e-liquids contain). VG provides a subtle sweet flavor, but no sugar contents. Therefore, a mixture of PG can give you a hint of sugary juice blend in your liquid. Moreover, the customer is creating their own unique blend that will encourage them to utilize e-cigarettes. You can tailor your e-liquid to your taste and smell, just like the rewards of your favorite brand of cigarette.

Flavor Blending Is Popular Among Beginner Vapers: 

Flavor blending is popular among beginning vapers  because it helps them mix their own desired blend. It gives a different quality to the vapor that they taste, smell, and feel. It’s blending your mood and your required taste. Flavor blending can heighten your awareness and your mood. Find out what combined flavors help activate your senses. Depending on what flavors you decide to blend this can be an attribute to starting your day or ending a rough day at work. Plus, they’re less addictive than normal flavor blending in pipes and cigars. It keeps them from turning back to traditional smoking.

Flavor blending allows the user to produce an essential flavor and consistency. It gives a newbie to vaping the opportunity to find out what works best for them. It also saves them money in the long-run because it allows them to adjust their taste, which will keep them actively using their e-liquid blends.





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