Want Control on Your Vape Mod? Get a Variable Voltage Vape

Matt Wallace
May. 18, 2018
by Matt Wallace

control your mod with a variable voltage vape

Choosing a device that you will use for vaping can present many different choices, which can be totally confusing. The decision to get a Variable Voltage e-cig will be very beneficial to you whether you are a beginner or a pro vaper. This is an extremely useful tool because the voltage can change anywhere from 3.2 volts to around 4.8 volts.


What are they?


These batteries, variable voltage batteries, are batteries used in electronic cigarettes. These give a user the option to change how much power the device is producing. Before these were introduced, the average voltage that had been produced was about 3.7 volts. Manufacturers started to realize that reaching higher voltage levels was absolutely necessary if they wanted to continue to be successful. Eventually, companies decided to create a device that let a user set their device to their own desired voltage. A popular variable voltage battery is the Ego-Evod Twist. This is such a popular device, because a user is given the option to choose their voltage, ranging anywhere from 3.7 to 4.8 volts. This can be done easily, as the voltage changes when the knob at the end of the battery is changed.


What are the benefits?


One of the largest benefits in the power behind controlling the voltage that your device is creating is how much variety there is among different tools. For instance, with a device that allows you to decide the voltage, you have more variety with tools like cartomizers and many types of atomizers, all of which share the same type of battery that your device has. Another benefit of this is that based on the liquid that the user has in their device at the time, the user can still alter how much power their device is producing. Based on the flavor, certain voltages produce hits that are higher in flavor than others. It’s a very minor change, but it increases more of the experience when vaping.


Making sure that you have the right voltage on your device and getting the right liquid is something that requires a very specific voltage, but with getting a vape that has a variable voltage. These kinds of vapes give the users an option to set their devices to the perfect setting, ensuring the best vaping experience based on personal preferences.


Why is this something you should care about?


This all may seem like something that isn’t very exciting when it comes to vaping, but it really is. Why should you care, though? To sum it all up:


  1. With different levels of power, the flavor is way different as well.
  2. With different levels of voltage, there are differences in each chest and throat hit. The bigger the voltage is, the bigger the hit is.
  3. Variable voltage devices give the user a wider variety of equipment for their devices.
  4. Each voltage level allows for a different level in terms of the production of vapor. A lot of users want to produce the smallest amount of vapor as possible, and some want to make huge clouds. It all depends on personal preference.




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