Don’t be an Annoying Vaper – 10 Workplace Rules & Vaping Etiquette

Vaping Guru
Nov. 30, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Vaping Etiquette

Vaping has quickly become a trend. The stylish gadgets and the dense clouds of vapor have quickly gained traction with hobbyists and enthusiasts. As cool as vaping may seem, you still don’t want to go around breaking the rules and annoying other people, especially at your workplace.

While vapor neither smells bad nor releases hazardous toxins into the air, unlike smoking cigarettes, you should practice vaping etiquettes to make sure that both you and the people around you are comfortable. In case you hadn’t heard any guidelines before, here are some great rules that you should follow when simply getting the nicotine fix during your job or impressing your co-workers.

10 Rules on How Not To Be an Annoying Vaper

  1. Don’t Vape Where You Wouldn’t Smoke

There are plenty of benefits that vaping has to offer. But just like smoking, you can’t go around vaping everywhere. Not everyone enjoys the vapor clouds, even if they smell pleasant and are harmless.

Ideally, you should avoid smoking everywhere you see a no smoking sign. You should also desist from vaping in lines, in homes of people that don’t vape or in public places.

The rule of thumb, in this case, is: if you wouldn’t smoke there, don’t vape there either. You can resist the urge for a couple of seconds and find an appropriate place. Only vape at your workplace if everyone around is comfortable; otherwise, step out.

  1. Stealth Vaping Isn’t a Good Idea

Stealth vaping can be done with a small vaporizer (usually a vape pen like the “The Bug Mini Vape Mod Kit”), and high PG e-liquid that doesn’t produce a lot of vapor or fragrance. This means that nobody around you will even know that you’re vaping.

If you’re not allowed to vape at work, however, don’t opt to stealth. It may make other office members upset when they notice, and even worse it gives vapers and vaping a bad name. Just hold on to your horses. Be a law-abiding citizen and, more importantly, a vaper with integrity.

  1. Blowing Clouds of Vapor In People’s Faces

Well, this is a no-brainer. Unless it is consensual, you should not blow vapor into another person’s face, especially any of your colleagues.

Not only is this considered rude and inconsiderate, but even the most adept vapers get annoyed when other vapers do this. Even though vapor might not be as irritating as smoke, it can still be irritating. Always try to blow vapor in an area where there are no people.

  1. Vape Snobbery

If you happen to have the superior device, you shouldn’t look down on the other vapers. After all, the tools that a person buys depend on them and what they prefer, their technical ability and the experience. While it might be great to show why you use the device you do, you should be careful not to brag or make their devices seem useless.

  1. Don’t Attack Smokers

There’s a saying that “converts make the worst fanatics.”

This applies to vapers who were previously smokers. So you don’t have to deal with the cigarette butts anymore, it doesn’t have to be a reason for you to look down on others.

Sure, vaping gadgets may look cooler, but you still might want to contain your excitement. You still don’t have the right to look down on smokers. Let them have their fun their way, as you do in your way.

  1. Always Ask Before Using Other People’s Gear

Even as a child, you learn that the most important thing is asking for permission. Somehow, that lesson vanishes during the course of our growth. With your co-workers, even if you share a lot of other stuff, they might not be comfortable sharing their e-liquid, or mouth-tip.

Also, just because you’re both vapers doesn’t mean you can simply grab someone else’s device. E-cigs and other vaping equipment are very personal. Even though this might sound obvious, it still happens to vapers an awful lot, which is why it needs to be mentioned.

Whether you would like to sample a different e-juice or use the gadget entirely, it is always nice to ask first.

  1. Pick Up After Yourself

Certain disposable parts come with e-cigs and mods, including spent cartridges, old e-liquid bottles, pieces of wire, and cotton. You ought to take it upon yourself to ensure that once you have replaced such parts, you collect them and dispose of them appropriately. Leaving such tools lying around in the office can annoy other workers.

You need to be careful in case your workplace gets children or pets. You’ll want to make sure that your pastime doesn’t threaten the well-being of others.

  1. Don’t Be the Preacher

There is a thin line here. A well-experienced vaper should always be ready to pass on information and any knowledge to any inquiring mind. At the same time, you have to make sure that you aren’t imposing on somebody uninterested in hearing from you.

Preachers are those vapers who are condescending towards others because they don’t vape or are smokers. Just as you have decided to be a vaper, they also have a right to choose whatever they want. Don’t walk around preaching about the benefits of vaping in the office. It is not just annoying but, after a while, no one will want to share a table with you.

  1. Cloud Chasing is Not a Public Affair

If you own an extremely powerful vaporizer such as the Mig Vapor Morpheus, fighting the urge to fill an entire room with vapor can be difficult. But if that room is full of co-workers or customers, vapers or not, you shouldn’t be chasing clouds there.

It is rude and infringes of the comfort of the others that are sharing the room with you. Cloud chasing is okay when you live alone in your home, but when you’re sharing the room with someone else it may be a bad idea.

  1. Don’t Vape Around Children and Pets

Again, if there are children and pets at your workplace don’t vape inside the facility, even when nobody else is around.

This piece of advice comes last because it should be basic knowledge for every vaper. Not only is vaping not a healthy choice for a child, but they can interpret the vaping behaviors very differently. If you have to, you can go out to the backyard and vape there.


While vaping is steadily gaining ground, it is important to keep in mind those who are not vaping and your surroundings. You don’t want to be an annoying vaper at your workplace or put vaping in a bad light. By practicing these rules of vaping, you can have your fun without annoying other people.





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