Vaping VS Cigarettes: The Major Points In Everlasting Duel

Vaping Guru
Jun. 28, 2017
by Vaping Guru

Excluding presidential elections, one might easily say that vaping versus cigarettes is one of the biggest duels in a recent history. Actually, the duel is ongoing since the 2000s, when e-cigarettes have been globally introduced.  Ever since, vapers seem to have multiple opponents – from anti-smoking activists, healthcare practitioners, lawmakers, environmentalists, to even the highest governmental instances. All of the mentioned seem to have one thing in common – equating vaping and e-cigarettes with regular cigarettes.

vaping vs smoking

This rhetoric is rather dangerous, and not necessarily for the vapers as it is for those who are actually unfamiliar with vaping. As they are being served one, usually very limited narrative, this leads to further misconceptions. Some might be exposed to a vapor, but everyone is exposed to misinformation. Due to this fact, the duel seems unlikely to ever end.  Speaking of the duel, it is not our intention to point out which side to chose; we will, however, try to shed some light on it, hoping that proper information will find their way to the mainstream and contribute to a better understanding of vaping phenomenon.

In order to do so, we will compare and contrast the burning issues of vaping vs cigarettes – their effects on health and environment, and their legal statuses.

Effects of vaping and cigarettes on health

Vaping is often being regarded as a healthier alternative to smoking. Once all the components of both e-cigarette and regular cigarette, the history of their effects on health and environment, and their social acceptance are presented, it is obvious that vaping is a less harmful choice. Smoking, on the other hand, is considered the world’s number one preventable cause of death. This is all due to chemicals found in tobacco cigarette smoke, that massively differ from those found in vapor released from a vaporizer.

We will just mention a few, because the list of chemicals in a tobacco cigarette smoke is too long to be presented in just one post. Actually, we would need quite a few in order to enlist them all.

  • Acetone: Besides irritating nose and throat, it can cause a severe damage to nervous system.
  • Benzene: It decreases red blood cells and damages the bone marrow.
  • Chromium: It increases the risk of lung, nasal, and sinus cancer.
  • Formaldehyde: Exposure to it can increase the risk of cancer.
  • Hydrogen cyanide: Let’s just say that this is a poison used in military weapons.
  • Polonium: We will just add that smokers who have died of lung cancer have about 80-100 rads of radiation in their lung tissue due to polonium. Enough said.

On the other hand, despite “there’s not enough studies” and “we don’t know what’s in these things” we DO know what’s inside vaporizers, and more precisely, what’s inside the e-liquid.  The main base, with which e-liquid begins, is vegetable glycerin. Almost all manufacturers use certified and pharmaceutically graded organic VG.  The next ingredient that is most commonly abused by alarmists is propylene glycol. PG is harmless and it also serves as the main ingredient for asthma inhalers. Overdramatizing statements will intentionally regard to it as the main ingredient in antifreeze, which is actually diethylene glycol. As DG can be found in massively produced e-cig products, this is why you have to make sure to purchase e-liquids and e-cigs of proven quality! The flavor of a liquid is usually suspended within PG. The final ingredient is nicotine of course. However, vapers can choose between varying nicotine strengths to all the way down to zero, which means a cigarette without a cigarette smoke and nicotine.

While e-cigarettes are not medical devices, and they are not being prescribed as official quit-smoking aid, they are massively used by smokers who are quitting, as they allow more options, especially with nicotine levels. This way, smokers can make a balanced transition thanks to nicotine control possibility. Analysis by University College London showed that in the UK, 18,000 people quit smoking thanks to the e-cigarettes.

Effects of vaping and cigarettes on environment

When it comes to the environment, it is easy to conclude, given the listed chemicals, that something that doesn’t damage the body will not damage the environment. Cigarette filters are the most common trash all around the world. Moreover, they are the most collected trash at the world’s beaches annually, as the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup warns.

You don’t walk around your favorite beach or park stepping on e-cigarettes, or empty e-juice bottles, do you? On the contrary, here is how you can recycle your vaping gear.

Not to mention the material – wood – from which papers, packaging and filters are made. For the purpose of making cigarettes, million of trees are cut on a daily basis!

Various studies presented by PETA bring saddening discoveries where pet dogs and cats are exposed to more risk of cancer if living with a smoker. Moreover, animals are being used in laboratories for testing the effects of smoking! If this concerns you, we urge you to check our guide for vaping if owning a pet.

Effect of laws on vaping and cigarettes

Considering all these facts, it is in a way bizarre to see that legislators, especially the FDA, are fully equating electronic cigarettes and vaporizers with regular tobacco cigarettes. As of 2016, the FDA have finalized a rule extending its regulatory authority to cover all tobacco products, including vaporizers, vape pens, hookah pens, electronic cigarettes, e-pipes, and all other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), which means that all of these products are brought to same terms and are usually the subject of same conclusions.

Just in the last few months, many cities and counties across the USA voted out in the favor of bans that are prohibiting vaping almost everywhere besides indoor personal property. If you are to browse the list of vaping bans only in the USA, it would be equally long as the list of lethal toxins in cigarette smoke. Almost every single city in Minnesota, Mississippi, and Massachusetts has prohibited vaping from basically everywhere but someone’s home.

This means that those who are vapers, and those who are quitting smoking by transitioning to vaping are pushed in the same toxic areas where smokers are allowed to smoke. Of course when non-smokers see both vapers and smokers together, they will not dive into differences, as the laws are making them to appear same and equally socially unacceptable. And, if people would only understand that instead of fighting against something, we should fight for something instead. We do not necessarily have to fight against smoking. On the contrary, if we fight for vaping, smoking would disappear the same way it appeared. In a cloud of smoke.





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