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Sep. 15, 2017
by Vaping Guru

We have an important announcement about vaping in Thailand and traveling with your e-cigs and vape gear. This relates to the status of vaping in Thailand. We are advising vapers not to take vapor products with them when traveling to Thailand. We are also advising travelers to err on the side of caution and not vape while in Thailand.

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Mig Vapor Travel Advisory

  • Due to vaping laws in Thailand, we are advising Mig Vapor customers and all vapers to not take vapor products with them when traveling to Thailand.
  • Thai officials have directly advised us that electronic cigarettes are not allowed into Thailand and are considered illegal.
  • While there are many stories posted online of people who have vaped in Thailand, we advise against that as well.

Vaping Laws In Thailand

This will be a bit confusing. There are no actual vaping laws in Thailand. The laws that apply to electronic cigarettes are actually customs and taxation laws. Essentially, vapor products like e-cigs, e-liquid, and vaporizers, fall into a category of products that have not been taxed. It is because they have not been taxed that they are illegal in Thailand.

The laws that apply to vaping in Thailand are as follows:

Kingdom of Thailand Customs Acts Section 20 and 27

Section 20 gives authorities arrest powers over anyone determines to be violating the law.

Section 27 is a very broad and sweeping section relating to importing, possessing, or otherwise dealing in any manner with prohibited goods that have not passed customs.

Punishment for violation of Section 27 can be fines of up to 5,000 Baht or about $150. That doesn’t seem so bad but there is also the possibility of jail time in addition to a fine. The jail time could be as much as five years in jail.

Do not try and enter Thailand with your vape gear. It is too big a risk. Leave your e-cigs and you vape juice at home.

But There Are Vape Shops In Thailand!

We know. And we have read the numerous posts on travel websites about travelers that have vaped in Thailand. There are e-cig distributors and shops in Thailand where you could try buying products and vaping. We don’t know what types of products are available in Thailand and we doubt you will find any USA made vape juice. At any rate, we advise against vaping while you are in Thailand.


This may seem like being overly cautious but here is the concern. Unless you have some means of certifying that the vapor product that you are in possession of passed through customs legally, you may be at for risk for confiscation, fines, or even arrest. The state of vaping in Thailand is so confusing right now and authorities have such broad powers that you will be taking a risk if you use an electronic cigarette in Thailand.

Mig Vapor is watching this situation closely. We will update this post if Thai officials issue any clarifications regarding possessing, using, buying or selling e-cigarette products in Thailand. We Import duties on tobacco products entering Thailand are at 90%. It is likely that officials will be making an effort to oversee, control and tax vapor products at a similar rate. Once that occurs, the likely outcome will be that you will be able to buy vapor products in Thailand. Although with a 90% excise tax, they will probably be quite expensive.

The laws prohibiting bringing your personal vape gear with you to Thailand are likely going to be in effect for the foreseeable future..

Vaping In Other Countries

More and more countries are embracing vaping as a job creator and an alternative for adult tobacco consumers. Yet there are still pockets of the world where authorities may take a more unfriendly stance toward e-cigs. In Thailand, there is not a lot of clarity but a lot of power in the hands of individual authorities. It is much worse in other countries like the Philippines.

In the Philippines, if you are caught smoking or vaping outside of a designated smoking area you can get four months in Jail. President Dutarte is not kidding around either. Prior to becoming the president of the Philippines, he was mayor of a town called Davao. Dutarte enacted similar laws in Davao and he most certainly enforced them!

The bottom line is that when traveling, it is best to remember that you are a guest in someone else’s country. It is important to find out the applicable laws that apply to electronic cigarettes in each nation that you travel to. At the same time, it is equally important and simply good manners to abide by the laws of the nations that have admitted us as guests.

If you do not know the local laws regarding vaping in any given country that you are traveling to, make an effort to find out. Be wary of posts on public forums. Call a consulate. Be sure. Travel safe!





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