Vaping: Stop Going Back and Forth

Matt Wallace
Aug. 2, 2015
by Matt Wallace

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Electronic cigarettes help eliminate at least half of the chemicals you inhale with regular cigarettes. If you smoke  along with using an e-cigarette, you can back-fire the benefits of vaping and cause the same amount of chemicals that you would have been eliminated to come back and cause health issues such as stained teeth, bad breath and long-term health issues like lung cancer.

E-cigs are suppose to be used as a beneficial alternative to the regular cigs to regulate your health and make the habit a little healthier. Although both are bad, the e-cigs help draw you away from smoking entirely. Don’t go back and fourth using e-cigs and regular cigs and stain your teeth. Staining your teeth can make you feel less confident smiling in front of your peers or coworkers and can make you feel depressed later on. Stained teeth can also cause painful teeth that will ultimately lead to a damper in your wallet later on.

It’s just all the way around back to go back and fourth from the regular cigs to e-cigs. Don’t do that and cause more problems in the long run. No-one likes stained teeth. It’s hard to remove stains from your teeth and then your enamel can ultimately ware off too causing more damage and your teeth to become sensitive. The long-term affects of going back and fourth from regular cigs and e-cigs do more harm than it does good.

This isn’t a good method to choose to get off of cigarettes. Just go right for the e-cigs with different nicotine levels and go from the nicotine to the non-nicotine flavors if you’re just wanting the flavor. Don’t make your habit worse by trying to draw away back and fourth causing more harm than good. Allow a little time and patients with yourself to get off the smoking habit for the greater, better outcome.





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