Vaping on Campus

Matt Wallace
Feb. 8, 2018
by Matt Wallace

The vaping trend has taken over the nation in recent months. Vaping is defined as the process of inhaling vaporized forms of chemicals that are processed into various juices and flavors. These juices can also be found with different nicotine contents. There are many different devices used for vaping such as mods and e-cigarettes, all of which allow a user to can use to quit smoking. Whether it be through teens or adults, all age groups over 18 have started to pick up vaping as a way to leave cigarettes behind and start a healthier lifestyle.

vaping e-cigs on campus


Though not everyone likes to start vaping when they quit cigarettes, a majority of people have found that vaping makes the journey towards quitting an unhealthy smoking addiction way easier than using something such as a patch or a gum that has been known to help quit in the past. Recently, a trend has been noticed among college campuses everywhere. Vaping on campus has become extremely popular among college students across the entire globe.


Why has it become so popular?


Vaping has always been able to grasp the attention of young adults, as it has provided an opportunity for people to experience the feeling of smoking without all of the extreme effects of smoking an actual cigarette. Starting college can provide a great deal of uncertainty for many young adults, and vaping allows people to become more confident in their abilities to handle adult situations. It also allows people to gain a sense of maturity, which is super important in the transition from high school to college. Vaping has also become a routine in everyday life, which is partially why it has become such a popular task among college students.


What are the health and hygiene concerns?


The vapor inhaled from vaping can come with very harmful chemicals. Often, the people who begin vaping are careless about what they are putting into their bodies and what they are inhaling. The manufacturer is the one who decides what chemicals are in vape juice. Most of the common ingredients are propylene vegetable oil, water, nicotine, water, and many different types of flavors. According to many writers who have addressed this topic, there is no specific requirement set in place for vape juice. The testing that is done is specifically to help market their product’s safety. Even though there are tests done, no one can be completely sure what chemicals are put in their vape pens. Because of this, many additional concerns are raised about the health risks that could potentially come up in the future.


Hygiene can also cause a problem, especially in places where people have the potential to switch devices and spread germs by taking hits off of devices that are not theirs. This has the potential to be one of the easiest and fastest ways to spread a lot of bacterial infections. With bacterial infections on the rise, there are many unwanted health problems. These health problems can range anywhere from colds to herpes.


How should the issue be handled and addressed?


This is an obvious problem that needs to be addressed, as it is causing some extreme health issues. To do this, there needs to be awareness of the harmful effects vaping can have and the harmful effects that sharing a device can have on people, especially on a college campus where there is exposure to many of these bacterial and viral infections already spread rapidly. If teens are aware of the damage to their health that can be caused, they are less likely to vape as much as they do. Along with not vaping as much, teens are less likely to share their devices if they know the potential viruses and bacterial infections that can be caught if they share their devices with their peers. Stopping disease and infection begins with the education of these findings and teaching people that vaping does not only have positive effects.


Many of these negative effects are very extreme, and if young people become educated on these, they are less likely to put themselves in the position of experiencing these effects. A lot of the side-effects include bleeding gums, dry skin, dry mouth, rashes, itchiness, anxiety, skin problems, coughing, insomnia, pimples, puffy eyes, dry eyes, sensitivities to caffeine, and minor issues with the blood in the nose. Many young people have no idea that vaping has such serious effects like these, and it is important that they become aware to benefit themselves and the people around them.





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