Vaping Memes: The Best Vaping Memes

Vaping Guru
Jun. 14, 2017
by Vaping Guru

In the time we live in, dominated by the mass media and technology, you know that something is beyond popular if there is a meme about it. As for vaping, it’s become popular thanks to both technology and media, and it was the matter of time when the meme generator will tackle the subject of vaping.

From clouds to memes

For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, a meme is usually a piece of media, consisting of a catchy phrase and an image or a GIF, spread via the Internet. Its purpose is comedic, and they usually relate to current goings-on on the internet, like for example the decades-long give-Leo-DiCaprio-an-Oscar-will-you memes or the current memes related to the acclaimed covfefe-inventor, or for the purpose of this article memes concerning the vaping community. For those unfamiliar with vaping (although, since you’re here, there’s a very small chance you are novice at these things), you can find your answer in detail here, in our What is vaping? blog post.

Around the same time vaping and e-cigs were introduced to the global market, which was in 2003/4, vaping noted its increased appearance on the internet, more precisely on Urban Dictionary. This platform started off as a slang compendium and soon established itself as one of the major meme sources. After 2010, when vaping took English speaking world by storm, in addition to growing vaping communities and events, many blogs, YouTube channels, and of course, vaping memes, started popping out all over the internet.

I vape, therefore I ohm

So, what do we get when we combine vaping and memes? Pop culture trivia, from movie characters to historical personalities imagined as vapers, with memes ironizing their vaping passion, or on the other hand, exaggeration of already seemingly exaggerating laws, medical theories and media interpretations of vaping.

  • Don’t you feel like the first thing that certain legislators and health care practitioners (FDA especially) do in the morning is put a file with drug abuse, disease prevention, poverty, warfare, climate change, discrimination, and weapon control on hold, and with an utmost passion put “abolish vaping” as their top priority? Because if you use heroine, you will end up smoking pot. You know that, right?

Vaping Meme 1

Chase those clouds

vape meme

Vape meme 3

  • Who needs a car anyway, when they pollute the air, right? Why chasing cars when you can be chasing clouds? No traffic jams too.

vape meme 4

  • Nothing is worse than going to fire up your device and realize your tank is empty…and then discovering you are out of your favorite flavor altogether. Grumpy is putting it mildly. I guess we could just go get some more, or clean our vaporizer for the other flavor, but that is a lot of work for someone who already had a stressful day. Time to bulk order our favorite flavor online while we look up tutorials on how to make our own e-juice…
  • Ever get the feeling that people are judgmentally staring at you when you are
    vaping in public? Or have your parents start questioning all of your life decisions
    when you switched to vaping? The fact that smoking cigarettes is still more
    socially acceptable than vaping is mind-boggling to say the least. Then there’s all
    the fake facts we have to combat as well…








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