Vaping Laws Around the Globe

Matt Wallace
Jan. 19, 2018
by Matt Wallace

As the popularity of vaping in the United States continues to grow, more and more questions surrounding the trend are arising. More specifically, questions are arising about vaping laws around the world and from state to state. Every place is different, so it’s important to be informed about the places that you are planning on traveling to. Below we will cover so of the more popular global destinations.

laws for vaping worldwide



In Australia nicotine-containing e-cigarettes are prohibited so vapers in Australia cannot buy or import nicotine without a prescription. However, e-cigarettes are not illegal, so they can be sold and used around the country as long as they are sold without nicotine.




Vaping in Canada is legal; however, the laws vary between the different providences. Generally vaping is not allowed where smoking a cigarette is not allowed and you must be 19 years of age or older to purchase vaping products. If you plan on travelling to Canada, it would be beneficial to look at the specific providence’s laws to ensure that they don’t have laws that are stricter.




Regulations on vaping in China are somewhat unclear, but overall it is legal to use and buy e-cigarettes. There are different movements to prohibit the use in certain areas around China, so it is important to exercise caution wherever you are travelling in case you are in an area where the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited. In Hong Kong more specifically for example, nicotine is classified as a Type 1 poison, and it is illegal to even be in possession of it.




In France vaping is legal, however there are some restriction when travelling on some of the hardware and pieces that are used for vaping. Public vaping is frowned upon and is not prohibited on any public transportation or in public buildings. The sale of vape products in France however is fairly lenient.



Vaping in Germany is permitted, and they have the least strict laws surrounding them. However, the age to use and purchase vape products with nicotine is generally 18 years of age. The laws surrounding e-cigarettes are changing as new information is released, especially within the last few years, so it is important to be aware if there are any shifts in regulation.




Greece currently has fairly relaxed laws surrounding e-cigarettes, however, the minimal laws they do have are pretty much unenforced. Greece is moving towards banning public use of e-cigarettes and other vape products, however, so it would be advised to avoid public use.




In Italy vaping is legal. Even further than that, it is widely accepted by the public, as there are hopes that the use of vape products will reduce medical costs surrounding diseases caused by smoking tobacco.




Japan’s laws involving vape products are highly restricted. The use of e-cigarettes and vape products without nicotine is allowed, however there are very limited amount places to get any vape products as it is all run by a single manufacturer. Anything with nicotine in the juice is not prohibited to use or sell in Japan. It is however permitted to use e-cigarettes that vaporize tobacco leaves rather than e-juice.




The regulations on vaping in the Netherlands are pretty strict with regards to the safety requirements, production, and distribution of vape products. For a long time, bringing any vape juice with nicotine across the border was strictly banned and they would confiscate any of the product. Things have relaxed a little bit but because of the potential health affects for users, but advertising and selling is heavily regulated.




Spain has relaxed laws on vaping as they are more focused on lessening the use of tobacco products in order to reduce health care costs. The main focus in Spain is to avoid vaping in any public buildings or near the entrance to the premises.


United Kingdom


The use of vaping products in the UK are legal, however, vaping in public could result in a fine or even confiscation of your products. So, limit use to private areas. There are many restrictions being imposed on vaping products in the UK, so getting the products that you are looking for could prove more difficult.


The best rule of thumb to follow for vaping no matter where you travel is that you should try to avoid it in public. Many countries have laws against it, and if not laws, then it’s frowned upon. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If the country you are traveling to is not on the list above, it is incredibly easy to find out for yourself what the vaping laws are using the web.





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