Vaping: It’s All In The Grip!

Matt Wallace
Nov. 30, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Vape Grip

In the world of vaping, everything comes with options. Options for tanks, e-liquid flavors, MODs, and coils; they all contribute to the choices you have. Comfort is the key to getting your vape on, as it’s all in the grip!

Most electronic cigarettes are simple enough to figure out. Some people hold them just like a cigarette, others hold them more like a pencil.

When it comes to a small thin portable vaporizer or a vape pen, most of them will likely have a button that you press to operate the device. This can be done simply with your thumb, holding on to the bottom battery section with the rest of your hand. You could also use your middle, ring, and pinky to hold the battery and depress the button with your pointer finger, supporting the tank with your thumb.

Most mechanical MODs are simple enough to figure out. All mech mods have a button either on the side or top. For mods that have the side button it will be very easy to figure out what works best for you, as the button will either be depressed by the index finger or the thumb, depending on which way is more comfortable to hold.

Cylindrical MODs mostly have a button on the bottom, so it takes a minute to figure out what works best. Sometimes it is easiest to hold the bottom with the index finger and thumb, resting the base on the middle finger to depress the button. Some use the index and middle finger and use the ring finger to push the button.

For regulated MODs there will be a button on the face or top of the mod. Some just have a round button, but others have a wide bar or click type button. If it’s on the face of the mod, it will be very easy to figure out how to hold it and press the button. For units with the top button it might take some figuring out how to hold it and press the button. The most common way is to cup the face of the mod in your palm and use your thumb to depress the button, while others kind of hold it with the pinky and ring finger under the bottom, middle and index on the front of the MOD, and press the button with the thumb.

Whichever way you do it, just make sure that it’s comfortable to hold and you don’t drop it.





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