Vaping and High Blood Pressure

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Jul. 29, 2017
by Vaping Guru

high blood pressure

Scientific studies about the effects of nicotine on blood pressure are in most cases conducted on smokers, not vapers. However, we can generalize some results because both products do contain nicotine. Given the fact that people switch to e-cigarettes and vaporizers in order to avoid negative effects of conventional cigarettes, it is understandable why it is so important to now does vaping cause high blood pressure?

Do E-Cigarettes Cause High Blood Pressure?

This is one of the many questions about vaping that still needs to be answered. What we do know is that nicotine causes elevation of blood pressure for a short period of time. Soon after the last cigarette is smoked, it should go back to normal.

According to Dr. Farsalinos, smokers who had elevated blood pressure and switched to e-cigarettes experienced a drop in their BP level.

However, according to other studies, vaporizers can carry a risk of high blood pressure despite the elimination of tar and other toxic ingredients from the equation. Nicotine from the vape juice causes blood vessel construction that consequently increases one’s blood pressure. Scientists also claim that people with a heart condition should not smoke or vape due to negative effects of nicotine on this organ. Also, this addictive substance causes damage to any vascular tissue. If the effects of nicotine on the blood vessels continue during a long period of time, other than high blood pressure it may cause stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. Additionally, nicotine is known to increase heart rate that can also induce high blood pressure.

According to Cooke and Associates, nicotine inhalation causes elevated blood pressure in seated position. It also increases blood pressure levels in the head- up position. However, the author emphasizes that additional studies about the subject are necessary in order to confirm those results.

An important thing to note is that not every vape juice contains the same amount of nicotine. Every customer can choose the level of nicotine in their e-liquid that will accommodate their preference. Therefore, the higher level of this substance, the bigger the damage to your blood pressure.


Similar to any other subject regarding vaping, when it comes to the effect of vaping on blood pressure, there are not enough studies that would allow us to generalize the results. Some studies claim that vaping can even help reduce blood pressure within the population of former smokers. But, the majority of researchers state that nicotine increases blood pressure by shrinking blood vessels and causing high heart rate.





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