How Vaping and Car Culture Coincides

Matt Wallace
Dec. 14, 2017
by Matt Wallace

For generations now, cars have always seemed like a staple in society. There has always been an entire subculture around them and it is continuously changing and expanding. As the technologies surrounding cars has grown more advanced, people have been able to modify and update them however they please. However, these modifications didn’t happen overnight and the people who are paving the way for the new generation of cars have an excess of knowledge about them. Similar to the subculture around cars, with the release of personal vaporizers, an entirely new subculture has arisen within the last few years. People have built up their knowledge and have begun modifying their vaporizers to be better and more personalized. Beyond that though, the way people interact with their mods (modified vaporizers) and other people within the vaping community has become a whole new trend.

vaping and care culture

Vaping and car culture have many similarities when it comes to the generalization of both. One thing that stands out within these two cultures is the community built around it. As cliché as it sounds people spend their lives looking for their niche. Within these subcultures people are discovering where their interests lie, and they are connecting with people who feel the same about it. In the vaping community there are cloud chasing competitions and people who are on a mission to make the ‘best’ mod, but those same people are also willing to give each other tips and educate newcomers so that they can also find their passion. Most of them will uplift their fellow vapers so that they can all find what they are looking for. Their community binds them together and gives them a sense of belonging.


Vaping and car culture also coincide because of the mechanical and technological knowledge that is required in order to make modifications. As briefly mentioned before, cars and personal vaporizers both require an extensive knowledge of the inner workings in order to safely and successful modify them. With vaporizers, there a lot of small parts that work together in order to make it work successfully. People have to know about all the different parts, like the battery types, the coils, the juice, and how everything works together, in order to make the optimal cloud and hit. Although there may not be as many parts to a vaporizer as there are to a car, without proper knowledge of the device, modifying it could be dangerous, just as it would be with cars.


Although these two cultures have many differences that make them unique, some of the core values within them, and the characteristics that make them so popular among the upcoming generations are incredibly similar. The functionality of cars and vaping both depend on these features and as long as there are still improvements in technology that can be applied, it will continue to grow in popularity. Those in search of a place to belong just might find their home within the vaping community.





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