Vaping and Birth Control

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Aug. 1, 2017
by Vaping Guru

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Vaping – Medication Area Lacks Information

The number of vapers around the world is increasing on a daily basis. Only in the U. S. there are around 9 million adult people who vape regularly. Vaping can be seen as an imitation of smoking minus combustion, tar and 4000 different chemicals found in cigarettes. Read about what science has to say about vaping here.

However, although vaping is far safer than smoking, it still implies the act of inhaling foreign substances into the body. Nobody can say for sure what could be the long term consequences caused by vaping. Furthermore, since the area of vaping is still lacking in sufficient number of research, its interaction with certain medications is unknown.

Vaping and Birth Control Pills

What Is In Vaping Gadgets?

Vaping can be done by different devices such as vaporizers or e-cigarettes. E-liquids used in this process usually contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, aromas and a certain percent of nicotine (depending on the manufacturer).

What Is In Birth Control Pills?

Woman’s ovaries are glands that produce woman hormones – estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are very important for egg cell cycle in the woman body. Birth control pills achieve their effect thanks to a mix of man-made forms of the hormones mentioned above, which prevent ovulation (egg release during the monthly cycle).

Does Vaping Affect the Effect Of Birth Control Pills?

Unfortunately, researchers haven’t figured out yet if vaping interacts with birth control pills. Since vaping and smoking have some common ingredients, we will mention the fact that for smokers above the age of 35, birth control pills, the patch or the ring are not recommended. The most potent and possibly the most harmful ingredient is nicotine. No matter the way of intake, all nicotine is considered to increase the risk of high blood pressure and increased heart rate which may lead to heart attack. Birth control pills and nicotine separately increase the risk of forming blood clots. The effect they manifest when taken together is even stronger.

Blood Clots

Our blood has a unique and life saving trait – it can clog and prevent massive blood loss. But, when a clog builds up in our blood vessels – veins or arteries, we have a serious, potentially fatal problem.

Dr. Tara Narula – the associate director of the cardiac care unit at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, says that nicotine constricts blood vessels to the heart and may cause the blood to be sticky. All of this can increase the risk of forming a clot in the arteries which may lead to heart attack and stroke.

As for birth control pills, they do not cause blood clots, but most of them do increase the risk of developing a blood clot by three to four times. This happens because estrogen and progesterone (found in birth control pills), increase the level and strength of factors which induce the development of blood clots.

What about Other Vaping Substances?

There is an increasing number of research which deals with vaping long term effect. Since there are no exact data on how vaping interacts with birth control pills, we can only draw conclusions on what we already know. E-liquids contain some potential trouble-making ingredients like formaldehyde, propylene glycol, diacetyl which can cause serious negative effects on the metabolic processes in the body, as well as lung disease.

Is Taking a Risk Worth It?

With everything being said, those who vape and want to take birth control pills or vice versa, should really think is the risk worth it. Well, probably not. This is a very important subject since the rate of contraceptive use among teens in the US is very high. You can get more information on some pros and cons of vaping here.

There are some warning signs which may indicate existing problems with vaping and birth control pills (mostly because of nicotine). These signs include very strong and long lasting headaches, leg and chest pain. Make a smart choice and do not risk your long term health because of a temporary desire.





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