Battery Safety for Vaping

Matt Wallace
Nov. 22, 2017
by Matt Wallace

Recently, vaping has been a huge interest among people everywhere. For some people, safety while vaping has never been a concern; and for others, knowledge about the safety of vaping has causes a lot of stress and worry. Vaping battery safety has become one of the main worries. Experts want to make people who vape aware that batteries are certainly not designed to experience failure. They also want you to know that it is something that you absolutely need to avoid, because of its seriousness. Battery failure can be very serious; and in situations where it is not properly handled, it will cause injury that is permanent.

vaping battery safety


5 Common Battery Safety Mistakes

  • Extra batteries are usually thrown into a purse or a pocket without any sort of protection on them.


Everyone is under some knowledge that their batteries are, in fact, going to die someday, which leads to people carrying around an extra. It seems pretty harmless, right? Wrong. Your keys and the loose change are also being thrown around, along with the extra battery. With that, sometimes the keys and change will complete a circuit, which could start a fire.


How to fix this: The solution to this problem is super simple. All you need to do is put the batteries inside of a battery case. There are many different types of cases that include plastic, soft, and silicone cases for your battery. These can be picked up at any vape store, and they are very important to practicing proper vaping battery safety.


  • Putting Your Batteries in Backwards


Another way to put your safety at risk is by inserting the battery in the wrong way. Once the battery is put in incorrectly, the battery is vented and there will be severe consequences to both you and your mod.

How to fix: Take time to notice what direction you are supposed to be putting the batteries into your mod. It is super easy, but it is also super important. Experts have seen this happen time after time, and many people who run into problems with this tend to let the blame fall on the store that they purchased their equipment from. Experts can also tell simply by looking at your mod if you had them in the correct direction or if you didn’t. To avoid running into this problem, take a few seconds to double check the direction of the battery.


  • Charging on the Wrong Battery Charger


Using the wrong charger can put you in the way of danger. Batteries actually have the potential of being over-charged if you find yourself using a charger that is different from what actually works for your mod. Over-charging the battery can lead to the potential burst of the battery. This doesn’t always have to happen, and usually the battery will stop working before any actual damage can be seen. There is still a potential for the battery to cause an electrical fire. This also applies to external batteries. Buying the cheapest charger may be nice since you are saving money, but there is no protection from the ability to overcharge the battery like the more expensive chargers have.

How to fix this: This problem can be fixed if you use the charger that originally came with your device. Experts recommend this, so you can be as safe as possible. Chargers that are priced under $10 are chargers that you definitely need to avoid. It’s very important to remember that you will benefit more from using a more high-quality charger. Using a quality charger will also prolong your battery’s life overall.



  • Over-discharging batteries


A lot of people who start vaping are guilty of this, because they expect to be told when the battery is charged by the battery itself. With mechanical devices, that is not the case. Letting your batteries over-discharge is just as harmful as overcharging them. When you allow a battery to over-discharge, you are allowing the battery to become weaker overall.

How to fix this: To solve this problem, really pay attention to how fast you are draining your batteries. At a certain point, you will be able to notice how fast your batteries are being drained and when they reach an exact voltage each time you charge your batteries. It’s important that you are able to recognize significant changes with the power. When you notice this, it’s time to switch your battery. If you can recognize this difference, you will need to switch your battery, because changing a battery is better to do before you over-discharge it rather than after.


  • Exceeding the amp limit of the battery


Some people challenge their friends and see who can build a resistance that is the lowest. While this is considered a fun activity for some people, many people both expose themselves to unnecessary danger and weaken their build of their equipment. Do you know what could happen to your battery if you do this? Because your battery would be exceeding its discharge rating, it would also be putting a battery where it is near thermal runaway. This will cause the batteries to explode, and it will cause damage to your device and even your body.

How to fix this: Make sure that you have a higher build or get a mod that is unregulated. For mechanical mods, the lowest your build should be is around .2 ohms which is a draw of 21 amps. If you want your builds to be lower, make sure it’s on a dual parallel mod and is on a mod that it unregulated, so the amp draw is being split between two batteries.


  • Coils Touching Top Cap


This can actually cause more damage to your tank than it will to your batteries. The damages that occur to the mod will create an unsafe situation for your batteries. When the coil in your mod touches the top cap, a short is created and causes a terrible taste. Experts say that it is like putting a hanger made of metal into something like an outlet.

How to fix this: Let an expert build your RDA, so you can avoid electrocuting yourself. If you are building your own, make sure to ask questions. Local stores that specialize in anything related to vaping are most likely more than willing to help you build your own.





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