Vaping and Gaming

Matt Wallace
Jul. 16, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Vaping and gaming have been around for awhile now. It seems that many of the smokers who play games are turning to using electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices as a way to get their smoking fix. They’re a perfect fit for many reasons.

First, vaping gives you the ability to play your gaming counsel around nonsmokers with ease. The smell of the vapor’s not as upsetting to a nonsmoking gamer. When the vapor is using their device, they also does not have to worry about things associated with a burning cigarette. For example, there’s no need to worry about burning another gamer in the process of game play. The vaper no longer has to worry about hitting the ash tray with the e-cigarette or it rolling out and falling on the floor during game play. All of these things are removed when vaping.

When it comes to vaping and gamers who smoke, this is a perfect fit. When you use the method of vaping, you can start to enjoy the two things you love the most in the same spot. Gaming establishments don’t always allow smoking. However, vapor’s looked at as an acceptable way and’s often allowed.

Imagine the feeling of reuniting with your non-smoking gamers for the very first time. When they realize that you can use the vapor and they don’t have to worry about the effects of smoking, they will be more than happy to continue gaming with you. Regardless of how long you have been smoking and gaming, you owe it to yourself to check out the art of vaping. There are so many benefits of using vapor and not cigarettes when gaming and you owe it to yourself and your non-smoking friends to try it today.





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