Vaping and Diabetes

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Jul. 20, 2017
by Vaping Guru

vaping and diabetes

Vaping and Health

Vaping can be described as an “imitation of smoking” and represents the act of inhaling and exhaling vapors from e-liquid, via a device called vaporizer. Vapors originate from active plant ingredients such as oils or waxes, flavors and other chemical substances. The effects of these substances on the human body are not investigated enough. While the overall health effect of vaping is low, there is still a debate on whether vaping can cause serious illnesses.

Vaping and Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which implies the lack of a hormone called insulin secreted by the gland called pancreas. Insulin is responsible for enabling consumed sugars (glucose, fructose, lactose…) to enter the blood cells and to be transported throughout the body. Without this hormone, carbohydrates deposit on the blood vessels and obstruct the blood vessels and blood flow. It is not easy to determine what exactly causes diabetes, but the most common ones are malnutrition, obesity, lack of physical activity, tobacco smoke, some viruses or genetic factors.

E-cigarettes and gadgets contain water, flavorings, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and certain dose of nicotine (depending on the manufacture). Cigarettes are notorious containers of tar, arsenic, cadmium and benzene, all associated with potential cancer development.

Nicotine and Vaping

Zero nicotine vaping gadgets can be found on the market. Read more on the types of vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Most of them do contain nicotine – the most dangerous compound involved in vaping process. It is confirmed for it to increase the risk of narrowing the arteries and being addictive. A known fact among doctors is that smokers with diabetes usually have a lower blood sugar level control than non-smokers with diabetes.

According to the research performed by the American Chemical Society in 2011, nicotine is the main reason for blood sugar levels increase in smokers with diabetes. These high blood sugar levels increase the risk of serious life-threatening complications – kidney failure, cardiovascular problems which may end up with a heart attack and nerve damage.

California State Polytechnic University PhD Xiao-Chiuan Liu, exposed human blood cells to nicotine. The results of this experiment showed an increase in the level of hemoglobin A1c – a measure of the blood sugar control. With a higher nicotine dose, the level of hemoglobin A1c also rose.

A Smoker With Diabetes, or a Vaper With Diabetes?

Based on the researches performed so far, the following conclusion can be made: E-cigarettes provide nicotine, thus increase the risk of fat deposit formation. This potentially leads to blood vessels clog and diabetes.

However, for smokers with diabetes, switching to vaping may even have a positive effect. E-cigarettes can help as a quitting common cigarettes tool. Common cigarettes contain a much higher nicotine percent and an abundance of many different chemicals. Vaping can palliate and lessen diabetes symptoms and development because of a lower nicotine level intake. You can read more about vaping and smoking comparison here.

Switch One Bad Habit For Another?

Vaping is not directly connected to diabetes. The chances of vaping to cause this illness are scarce, but that doesn’t mean it can’t worsen the symptoms of diabetes in vapers. Nicotine is harmful, no matter the way it is consumed. Although e-cigarettes contain a much lower nicotine percent, they taste good, so people tend to smoke more often.

Conclusion? If you are not a smoker or a vaper, the best decision would be not to start with either of them. More about information on pros and cons of vaping can be found here. Vaping helps smokers to quit cigarettes and decrease the level of harmful substances in the body related to many illnesses like diabetes. But, there are other ways to stop smoking which do not include nicotine intake.





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