Vapes for Veterans – War Against Tobacco and Marijuana Smoking

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Apr. 7, 2016
by Vaping Guru

Vapes for Veterans

Protecting the nation and striving for peace around the globe, the US military is always fighting one battle or another. On top of that, there is a parallel war going on, and it’s against tobacco addiction among the veterans. It not only takes a toll on their health, but also costs the government a ridiculous amount of money. According to an estimate, $1.6 billion are spent every year on treating medical issues for veterans that result from smoking.

Surveys and studies show that active smokers ratio is considerably higher in veterans as compared to civilian population. Likewise, to relieve symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a higher percentage of men in uniform smokes marijuana as compared to nonveterans. Consider the following alarming stats:

  • From 2007 to 2010, 29% of veterans aged 25-64 were currently smoking as compared to 24% of civilians.
  • In 2011, 24% of serving veterans were smoking, while the ratio was 19% in nonveterans. (Report)
  • The percentage of veterans with PTSD who have cannabis use disorder nearly doubled in the past few years i.e. from 13% in 2002 to 22% in 2014. (US Dept. of Veteran Affairs)

Smoking in military.There are several understandable reasons whey tobacco and marijuana smoking is more common in military. From cigarettes being considered as a reward to peer pressure to alleviate PSTD to just killing time in the hour of boredom, there is a wide array of dynamics that force the veterans down this road, and they end up suffering pains and disorders they don’t deserve.

Issues that arise from tobacco and marijuana are too many to list here. The list starts from a lack of concentration and goes up to lethal diseases such as cancer, mainly caused by combustion of chemicals during smoking. According to CDC, smoking has resulted in ten times more deaths than deaths in all the US wars combined.

Even though most smokers understand the perils of smoking, quitting is extremely hard. In fact, according to American Lung Association, 77% smokers fail when they try to quit. This percentage will most likely be even higher among veterans. But with support and employing the latest quitting techniques, we can bring this number down.

How Do We Make a Difference?

At MigVapor, we believe that we owe our veterans big time, and it’s our ethical obligation to help them. Since vaping instead of smoking can offer immense cost and harm reduction (according to this report), we offer a massive 10% discount to veterans on ALL our products (just enter the code “veteran”). Instead of turning materials into smoke by combusting them, vaping turns them into vapor by heating them. The result is amazing: virtually all the harmful chemicals present in smoke are absent in vapor.

Consider these remarkable facts published in a report called E-Cigarettes: An Evidence Update, which was commissioned by Public Health England in 2015:

  • “Encouraging smokers who cannot or do not want to stop smoking to switch to EC [electronic cigarette] could help reduce smoking related disease, death and health inequalities.”
  • “EC can encourage quitting or cigarette consumption reduction even among those not intending to quit or rejecting other support”.
  • “Using EC is around 95% safer than smoking.”

For those who risked their lives for our safety, MigVapor – as the leading US-based e-cig manufacturer – is committed to helping them on their way to a healthier, happier life. The 10% discount on all our products is a small gift to our veterans for the great service they have done us.

For information, read our post about the vaping has on our troops, or go directly to our e-cig section to use your discount!





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