Vapers, Look Out for New Taxes!

Matt Wallace
Jun. 30, 2015
by Matt Wallace

US Capitol

There’s a saying that’s often said; “the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.” Often humorous and told by those who’ve lived decades on this planet, it isn’t entirely inaccurate. When it comes to those who enjoy the calming and delicious effects of vaping, taxes may just be around the corner.

For years, people who’ve been all for public health have argued that increasing the taxes on tobacco would deter individuals from buying cigarettes. In an attempt to make everyone healthier, the higher-ups in government thought it was better to attack someone’s wallet rather than they attack their lungs. It was met with either public support or public shrugging. Those that didn’t smoke liked that it’d be more difficult to buy cigarettes and those that do smoke knew they would just have to make each cigarette last longer. But the taxation has since moved beyond public health efforts, and into the lives of those who’re trying to kick the habit.

When a cigarette user kicks the habit, and moves to vaping, states lose money from taxes they would be making from a pack of cigarettes. Since 1998, the government has brought in over $500 billion from cigarette taxes. That’s no small amount of money. With the introduction of vaping, the government is starting to see a dent in taxation. Seeing a significant loss in money, especially with people that stop buying cigarettes completely, the government’s shuffling with a way to make that back. In 2014, more than 15 states considered implementing a cigarette or Other Tobacco Products (OTP) tax to e-cigarettes and other vapor products to make up for the money they’re losing.

Even though the original increase in taxation seemed like a great way to help cigarette users kick their nasty habit to the curb, the influx in vapers has cause a little problem with the government as they aren’t getting the amount of money they once were receiving. Who’s to pay for the loss? You guessed it, vapers and other tobacco-less users. If you’re a vaping user and don’t relish the idea of being taxed because the government is greedy, make sure you’re active in protesting against it. Speak to your local congressman, or state rep and voice your opinion. You quit smoking to do your body a favor, there’s no reason why your wallet should have to pay for it now.





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