Does Your Vape Crackle and Pop?

Matt Wallace
May. 7, 2018
by Matt Wallace

does your vape crackle and pop

Often times when you are vaping you may hear your device make popping or crackling noises. Whether you’re new to vaping or not, you may be wondering just what exactly that sound is, and if it’s something to worry about. Most likely you can rest assured knowing that it is simply your device doing its job. However, if your device starts making sounds that are different than what you are used to hearing, it may be a good idea to take it in to the shop and make sure everything is working how it’s supposed to. Either way, these are some of the things that may be causing the vape crackling and popping.


The e-liquid you are using is going to be a major cause of the popping noises that you are hearing. The popping generally happens when the e-juice hits the hot coils and creates the vapor that you inhale. Thinner liquids are going to be more likely to flood the atomizer, which can also cause more pronounced popping and spitting noises. Thicker e-liquids tend to be more popular anyways because they create more vapor. When trying to decide which juice to get for your device, you may want to consider using brands that contain vegetable glycerin rather than propylene glycol.


The wattage or voltage level of your device can also factor into the sounds that it is making. If you’re trying to vape at a low wattage level, the coils aren’t going to be able to effectively vaporize the e-liquid. If it is a low voltage device then you can also take longer draws from is so that the liquid has a better chance of fully vaporizing. If it doesn’t fully vaporize the juice will most likely flood the atomizer, again causing the louder crackling. It is also good to be aware of the airflow of your device with the wattage as different combinations are more effective.


The coil design can also contribute to the different noises of your vape. If the coils in your device are twisted and braided, the e-liquid is going to have a lot more surface area to cover. This increased surface area is going to be able to create more vapor, but along with that comes more popping noises when the e-liquid is being vaporized. The tighter the coils are wrapped the better because the e-liquid will get into different places. Some other parts that might have a small effect on the crackling noises could be the drip tip or the chimney. If the drip tip or chimney are too narrow, vapor will condense inside of them and cause droplets to form that block the airflow.


If you have concerns about the sounds your device is making, these are definitely the best places to start. Although the sounds may be annoying, remember that if they weren’t there, your device might not be doing what it’s supposed to be doing. It’s better to know you’re getting the optimal vape experience from your device than to worry that it’s not doing what it’s supposed to.





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