Understanding Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage

Matt Wallace
Aug. 6, 2015
by Matt Wallace


If you’re looking to improve your vaping experience, a good place to start is with a mod that allows you to control either your voltage, wattage or both. Before you jump in, it’s a good idea to understand what these things mean.

First let’s talk about volt, ohms and watts:

  • volt is a measure of electric potential. In your mod, your battery is what supplies the voltage in the form stored of electric potential.
  • An ohm is a unit of electrical resistance. In your atomizer, the coil is what determines the ohms of your set-up. The higher the ohms, the more resistance volts will face while flowing through the circuit.
  • watt is the actual power output after your voltage flows through your coil (resistor).

If that’s too much science, the key thing to take away is these three things are always in relation to each other. To increase wattage, either the voltage needs to also increase or the ohms need to decrease. Similarly, an increase in voltage will increase wattage unless there was also an increase in ohms.

What does this mean for mods with variable voltage or variable wattage?

By controlling either how much voltage your mod is pulling from your battery or how much wattage if being produced overall, users can customize their vaping experience to their liking. For example, a variable wattage mod will draw the same strength of hit each and every time regardless of the coil’s resistance. Want a stronger hit? Increase the voltage in your variable voltage mod

Keep in mind, which one you choose to use is by and large a personal preference and dependent on your goal. By and large, most results can be achieved through adjusting either the voltage or the wattage. A good vape show can help you decide which one is for you.





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